Roy Y. Gagaza on the Art of Retirement: From Finances to Passions

Roy Y. Gagaza Shares His Tips for a More Well-Rounded Retirement

MANTECA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 2, 2021 / There are few things Roy Y. Gagaza knows better than how to navigate the tricky, perpetually shifting waters of retirement. Just like mapping out your career, there’s an art to getting it right.

Retirement is rarely a straight path, regardless of what the financial industry wants you to believe. It’s more than days spent on the golf course or playing bridge at the club. Roy Y. Gagaza spends his days helping clients reach their financial goals so they can punch their final clock in peace, and he explains why it’s so much more than the figures in your portfolio.

The Foundation of Your Retirement

As much as money can’t buy happiness, it can pay for your retirement. When Roy Y. Gagaza starts working with clients, he sees their finances as the foundation of their strategy. No matter what someone wants to do – even if it’s to live off the land (and off the grid) – they’re going to need something to start and something tucked away for emergencies.

The Disconnect in Retirement Planning

Gagaza largely works with clients who are 55 and older and is known for his careful assessment of every asset. He feels he can serve people best by showing them how to preserve their holdings at a critical stage in their life. It’s common for people to remain aggressive in allocating their funds when now is the time to back off on risk and balance your goals.

For Roy Y. Gagaza, promoting the art of retiring often means ignoring the idea altogether. Instead of retirement planning, he focuses on the finer details of his client’s plans. For instance, if people want to spend a certain amount every year, they have to be ready to accept that they’ll run out of funds by the time they hit a certain date. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy the finer things in life, but clients may need perspective if they’re going to avoid panic down the line.

Roy Y. Gagaza on Finding Passions

Retirement is ultimately a puzzle on how to best start and sustain a new chapter in life. Gagaza challenges people to define what fulfills them and then find ways to incorporate those interests into their routines. He also digs into how people can strike the right cord of personal and financial fulfillment.

For instance, a part-time job based on personal passion might be the perfect way to submerge a client into a field they love while providing an extra source of income. (For Gagaza, a water enthusiast, that might mean anything from leading snorkeling tours to renting diving equipment during his retirement.) The good news is that no matter how old a person is or how much they’ve amassed, it’s never the wrong time to think ahead.


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