SportIcon Launches Innovative NFT Platform that Connects Fans with Exclusive Athlete Content

MILTON KEYNES, UK / ACCESSWIRE / November 8, 2021 / NFTs have emerged as a unique digital asset in the past 24 months, expanding the potentials of digital arts, collectibles, and gaming. The sports industry has taken to NFTs, but the functionalities of NFTs go beyond speculation, and SportsIcoin is redefining NFTs in the sporting industry.

SportsIcon is connecting fans and superfans to their sporting heroes with bespoke cinematic footage delivered by NFTs. This brings a level of connection with sporting heroes not seen in the blockchain space.

Built on the highly scalable Flow blockchain

SportsIcon is an innovative NFT platform built on Flow, the blockchain behind NBA Top Shot, engineered by Dapper Labs and Roham Gharegozlou. Flow is a blockchain protocol designed specifically for NFTs and provides a highly scalable architecture with low transaction fees.

NFT enthusiasts can accumulate NFT collectibles without the problems of high transaction fees experienced on conventional blockchains. SportsIcon aims to deliver more value to NFT lovers by issuing sports-focused NFTs with direct collaboration with athletes. This collaboration will involve the creation of 27 NFTs for each artist featured divided into 9 chapters with increasing rarity as the athlete journey progresses.

SportsIcon will film each episode with top cinematic quality that will focus on the highs, lows and motivation behind featured athletes careers. It will also showcase the athletes’ physical skills in their sports.

The NFT platform also provides a unique ecosystem for teams, athletes and sporting organizations to curate their drops and sell within its dedicated NFT marketplace.

SportsIcon has partnered with top athletes and sporting brands

SportIcon has already begun to secure exclusive partnerships with top stars in the sporting world. Some of the stars in its books include soccer player Romelu Lukaku and NFL legend Mike Vick. It has also partnered to feature Mexican wrestling company Lucha Libre and soccer club PUMAS.

SportsIcon will be releasing 27 NFTs created in collaboration with these athletes and sporting brands to commemorate specific, historical moments in their sporting careers. Each NFT art will be auctioned off, and NFT collectors will be able to purchase them from $10 to $999.

Some NFT packs will also include real-world prizes like signed memorabilia or box seats at a game. SportsIcon has also partnered with Dapper Labs and CMLL and has plans to collaborate with other key platforms in the blockchain industry.

SportsIcon has also made significant milestones in recent months. The SportsIcon Lion Club NFT, a PFP protect based on 9,000 unique Lions, sold out in less than 14 hours, generating more than $1.4 million in sales. SportsIcon Lions is an innovative project designed to bring more fans into the online sporting community with real utility, such as tickets for soccer games, NBA, NFL and more.

Members can also get exclusive Q&A sections from legendary athletes and the chance to meet their sporting icons in person. In addition, SportsIcon has stated its intentions to partner with more athletes and sporting organizations globally to bring connections with their fans through NFTs with utility.

SportsIcon IDO set for Q4 2021

SportsIcoin is set to hold its highly anticipated IDO launch scheduled for the end of Q4 2021. The IDO will represent a significant milestone and provides an opportunity for the public to purchase the $ICON token.

$ICON is an ERC-20 token that serves as utility and governance for the SportsIcon ecosystem. Holders will be able to use the token to purchase NFTs, get exclusive footage and access more features.

SportsIcon also plans to build an immersive NFT metaverse to make NFTs accessible to mainstream sporting fans. To learn more about SportsIcon, visit the links below.


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