2022MOON Launches New Blockchain Technology from South Korea

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA / ACCESSWIRE / December 10, 2021 / 2002MOON announces its new service on the Blockchain technology “2022MOON”, which enables users to earn money just by holding their token.

The digital age of blockchain technology

Blockchain technology has led us into the digital age, and our perspective on monetary value is changing because of it. People are becoming more amenable to the idea of dealing with digital currency. I’m sure most of us never expected to see this kind of development, this fast. However, the cryptocurrency sector is constantly growing, exploding to unimaginable heights every day. And the global pandemic is providing an opportunity for the cryptocurrency industry to shine.

Currently, there are over 12,000 coins on the market, and this number is growing. The total market cap for cryptocurrency is now hovering above $2 trillion and is anticipated to rise higher, verysoon. And it is critical to realize that the economic models of some currencies in this market are the driving force behind their exponental rise. These coins are known as deflationary tokens, the newest type of coins exhibiting a thriving economic model. And all of this was possible, thanks to the decentralized finance technology brought on by the introduction of smart contracts.

Decentralized finance brings a decentralized eco-system.

DeFi is an abbreviated term which originates from the phrase, “decentralized finance,” an umbrella term for blockchain protocols and their decentralized applications geared toward disrupting the financial industry. Since DeFi is performed on a smart-contract, a preprogrammable network, transaction time is significantly reduced. There are no third-party that act as intermediaries to the executed transaction process with this new technology, which helps people by reducing the fee for monetary transfer and truly having ownershp of their own wealth.

Different Features of Defi.

Combination: Decentralized Apps can be developed and used on the blockchain protocols. And these apps can be interlinked to other dApps and used together.

Transparency: All transactions are recorded and no one can reverse the transaction. This is information is also equally disclosed to anyone and everyone.

Stable asset management: High interest rates(for ex. APR, APY) can be generated using stable coins, coins pegged to the existing currency such as the Dollar or the Euro. Because of these features, people can earn interest easily just by holding some Defi tokens.

Enter 2022Moon

And from that regard, 2022Moon is simple to understand. They provide an innovative service using Defi Blockchain technology in which people can get passive income in an easy way.

For every transaction occuring during purchase and sale of the 2022Moon tokens, 2022moon collects 2% of tax in the distribution wallet and give rewards automatically to every holder who are holding the 2022Moon token. The reward comes in as the world’s favorite memcoin, Dogecoin.

2022Moon’s development; new and different features.

2022Moon thinks having a color and a unique brand is very important to market themselves. So 2022Moon updated its logo and renewed its website in just 3 weeks after their launch. They made their brand manual openly available on their website for everyone in the world to take a look. Now, they’re planning to release their own brand teaser video on December 10th, on their website.

Additionally, MOON2022 has been technologically developing a few features as well. 2022Moon is developing a cross-chain mechanism to help more people to transact using the top two decentralized networks; Erc network and BSC network. Because of this, people in the crypto world will have more or perhaps better options for carrying out transactions as a result. After the Cross-chain system is done, 2022Moon has a plan for the listing on the biggest DEX, Uniswap, within December 2021.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/official_2022m
Telegram: https://t.me/official_2022MOON

Media Contact

Company Name: 2022moon
Contact Person: Chris Yi
Website: https://www.2022moon.com
Email : Chris.Yi@2022moon.com

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