Alloy Therapeutics Acquires deepCDR Biologics to Bring Bioinformatics and Machine Learning to its Antibody Discovery Offering

The Basel, Switzerland-based deepCDR team and technology will strengthen Alloy’s antibody discovery platform and services for its ecosystem of 100+ global partners

BOSTON & BASEL, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Alloy Therapeutics, a biotechnology ecosystem company, announced it has acquired deepCDR Biologics, a Basel, Switzerland-based developer of deep learning technology for antibody discovery and optimization. The team and technology stack will form new bioinformatics and machine learning (ML) capabilities for Alloy and will be fully integrated into Alloy Discovery Services complementary workflow and processes. Alloy will expand the Basel deepCDR site as a permanent Alloy research facility and will hire additional computational scientists and developers as it grows with the Alloy network.

The deepCDR engine combines deep sequencing and deep learning methods with a proprietary mammalian display process to select from a wide range of antibodies and rapidly identify candidates with the highest possible affinity and developability profiles. The company was a spinoff of ETH Zurich and Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering and was founded by Sai Reddy, an Associate Professor of Systems and Synthetic Immunology at ETH Zurich and an expert in immunogenomics and machine learning-guided protein engineering.

“Uniting deepCDR and Alloy reflects our conviction in the power of network effects and scientific collaboration—together our companies’ capabilities are amplified to better serve the global scientific community in its pursuit of finding the best medicines for patients,” said Alloy Therapeutics CEO and Founder Errik Anderson. “Our network of partners will be able to work with deepCDR’s machine learning engine in a way that otherwise would have been cost prohibitive or inaccessible. The ongoing technology improvements will enhance the output of Alloy platforms and Alloy Discovery Services for the benefit of all of our drug discovery partners.”

DeepCDR’s technology will strengthen Alloy Discovery Services capabilities with patent-pending machine learning-powered antibody repertoire screening, in silico library screening, and mammalian display. DeepCDR thoughtfully integrates wet lab antibody screening and characterization with the computational tools to enable a powerful learning loop generating real world results. The deepCDR team will form Alloy’s new Basel, Switzerland operations and comprises expertise in antibody engineering and optimization, bioinformatics, and in silico library screening.

“We are thrilled to join Alloy on its mission of empowering scientific entrepreneurs and democratizing foundational drug discovery capabilities,” said deepCDR founder Sai Reddy. “The data sets and infrastructure within Alloy unlock powerful new opportunities for the deepCDR technology and team that will in turn enable us to help drug discovery teams more effectively and efficiently find the best antibody candidates. We envision a future where Alloy will be a leader in unifying real-world patient, genomic, and protein sequence data to empower integrated AI and ML drug discovery and engineering.”

About Alloy Therapeutics

Alloy Therapeutics is a biotechnology ecosystem company empowering the global scientific community to make better medicines together. Through a community of partners, Alloy democratizes access to tools, technologies, services, and company creation capabilities that are foundational for discovering and developing therapeutic biologics. The company facilitates affordable, non-exclusive access to the entire drug discovery community from academic scientists, small and medium biotech, to the largest biopharma. Alloy’s lead offering, the ATX-Gx™ platform, is a human therapeutic antibody discovery platform consisting of a growing suite of proprietary transgenic mice strains. Alloy is a leader in bispecific antibody discovery and engineering services, utilizing its proprietary ATX-CLC common light chain platform integrating novel transgenic mice and phage display. Alloy is headquartered in Boston, MA with labs in Cambridge, UK; Basel, CH; San Francisco, CA; and Athens, GA. As a reflection of Alloy’s relentless commitment to the scientific community, Alloy reinvests 100% of its revenue in innovation and access to innovation.

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