Artist Marcelo Cantu Partners with Niftybase and Heart Water to Create the Melting Hearts NFT Collection to Provide Access to Clean Drinking Water

RIO GRANDE, TX / ACCESSWIRE / December 3, 2021 / Culturally renowned digital artist Marcelo Cantu (@marcelocantuphoto) has partnered with Heart Water (@heartwater) and United Nations Refugee Agency Goodwill Ambassador Kat Graham (@katgraham) to create Melting Hearts, an NFT project expressing feminine beauty, with 40% of mint proceeds being donated to provide clean drinking water for a community in Rio Grande Valley, Texas. The collection will debut during Art Basel, Miami’s own iconic art show, and release on Niftybase, a platform for creators, brands, and builders to easily launch NFT collections.

The Melting Hearts Drop

In character with the other visually captivating artwork created by Marcelo, Melting Hearts features powerful feminine figures depicting the emotions of the world caught in a climate crisis, engrossed in the fluidity of water. Melting Hearts will donate 40% of all mint proceeds of the 4,040 set, one-of-one PFP drop to the Heart Water Foundation and provide relief for resource-restricted communities in South Texas. The number of NFTs created for the collection is representative of the 40% of mint proceeds being donated to charity.

Caption: Melting Hearts NFT Collection

Meet the Artist, Marcelo Cantu

Marcelo is a 3D digital artist whose previous work has featured Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and other female icons of popular culture today.

The Melting Hearts project is near and dear to Marcelo, being born and raised in McAllen, Texas and seeing firsthand the effects of restricted access to sources of clean drinking water.

Meet the Foundation, Heart Water

Bottled locally in Austin, Texas, Heart Water® is artisan and alkaline rainwater that is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Caption: Heart Water is sustainable, delicious, and full of heart.

Heart Water is sourced from rainwater as it is the most sustainable water source on the planet, and is infinitely renewable. The water is crisp and delicious when compared to leading bottled waters, which are mostly filtered tap water, polluted spring water, or from contaminated sources containing chemicals.

Meet the Featured Model, Kat Graham

Another major contributor to the project, Kat Graham is an accomplished actress, singer, dancer, and producer with work in film, television, and music. Kat is known for her work in Vampire Diaries, All Eyez on Me, The Parent Trap, and much, much more.

Caption: Kat Graham, Actress and UN Ambassador

Join the Melting Hearts Community

The Melting Hearts community is eagerly looking forward to the upcoming launch, and is active on Discord and Twitter. Be sure to follow these channels for the latest info on giveaways and town halls, in addition to drop updates and exclusive previews.

Contact Information:

Twitter: @niftybase , @meltinghearts_
Discord: Niftybase, Melting Hearts Project

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