Author and Founder of Become A Living God, E.A. Koetting, is the Subject of a New Profile

The flagship author and public face of Become A Living God sat down with the staff writer of a noted esoteric website to discuss his life, his business, and his personal philosophy.

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 21, 2021 / It is with much excitement that E.A. Koetting, renowned author and co-founder of the occult and new age spiritualist lifestyle brand Become a Living God, announces that he is the featured subject of a new, in-depth profile. The interview, which was conducted by Zeraphina Angelus on behalf of, touches on a number of interesting topics, everything from E.A. Koetting’s evolution as a spiritual pioneer to Becoming a Living God’s coming shift of focus towards embracing the Divine Feminine currents.

Early on in the interview, E.A. Koetting is asked to describe his belief system and practices for people who aren’t familiar with his seminal role in the occult and new age spiritualist community. “The most general yet still accurate description of my work is as ‘practical spirituality.’ As we listen to the symphonies of every spiritual path, we can notice that the differences between them are dwarfed by the gravity of the messages that resound through all of them,” he replies, before elaborating, “Spirituality, religion, and the supernatural have always been my fascination, but I’ve found the most meaning and value in the specific methods, practices, and principles, which, if practiced, do produce tangible, positive, and often life-changing shifts in our lives. Whether we’re talking about prayers, rituals, amulets, casting spells, or communing with our gods, these spiritual practices are tools, pieces of technology passed down to us from before recorded time, so that we can better master ourselves, better manage our circumstances, and so we can interface directly with other dimensions of our reality.”

Further along in the interview, E.A. Koetting answers a question posed about Become A Living God’s recent proclamation that ‘the Goddess is rising,’ or put another way, his company’s forthcoming concentration on the Divine Feminine currents. “When I say that ‘The Goddess is rising,’ I don’t simply mean that we’re scouting females to participate in projects to offset a gender equation or anything silly like that,” he replies, clarifying, “What I mean is that the actual Goddess, in all of her forms, is merging into our reality now stronger than ever, and those who embody these goddesses are receiving exactly what needs to be transmitted, and in addition to my excitement in being able to help bring these projects to the world, I’m also eager to learn everything that they have to teach me!”

Anyone interested in reading the full text of the profile can find it located here, while anyone curious to learn more about E.A. Koetting or Become A Living God is encouraged to explore the company’s official website.

About E.A. Koetting:

E.A. Koetting is the author of 18 books and the creator of more than a thousand videos on the subjects of religion, occultism, and new age spirituality. In his twenties, he penned eight books that would go on to become successful cult classics and foundational works in the field. In 2012, E.A. Koetting co-founded the project/company Become A Living God as a means to impart his accumulated knowledge and insight through video courses, video blogs, newsletters, books, and social media engagement.

About Become A Living God:

Become a Living God is an esoteric lifestyle brand headquartered in Nevada, but with participants and contributors located all over the world. It offers various products and services, some of which include educational courses, books and grimoires, consultations, readings, ritual services for hire, and magick items such as circles, flags, and talismans. Since its inception almost ten years ago, Become A Living God has garnered much attention and acclaim, growing to become one of the most recognized brands in the realm of occultism and new age spirituality.

Contact Information:
E.A. Koetting
Co-founder, Become A Living God
Phone: 1-888-355-5545

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