Bryan Punturo Collaborates on a New Article

The owner and proprietor of Traverse City, Michigan’s ParkShore Resort lent his expertise to an essay on some important considerations to make before founding a new business.

TRAVERSE CITY, MI / ACCESSWIRE / December 28, 2021 / When the writing staff of a noted online publication that deals with matters of business and technology approached Bryan Punturo about contributing to an article about some prerequisites to entrepreneurship, he agreed readily, eager to share his decades of experience with the public. The article is divided into seven segments, each addressing an aspect of business ownership that ought to be carefully considered before launching a new venture, and is appropriately titled 7 Must-Dos When Building a Business From the Ground Up.

In one passage, Bryan emphasizes the importance of drafting a solid business plan, detailing some of the core elements that the document will need to include. “You need to know how much it will cost to launch and maintain your company, who your target audience is, how you will get their attention and why they need what you have,” he writes, before explaining precisely why this is necessary. “What this plan will do for you is allow you to set achievable goals so that once your launch happens, there are already steps in place detailing how the next phase of expansion will happen. When building a business from the ground up, it’s important not to shoot too far ahead without understanding where you’re at currently. Goal setting helps keep entrepreneurs on track with their business.”

Further along in the piece, Bryan Punturo extols the virtues of employing a trusted professional to oversee the finances of any new venture. “A good accountant is like an insurance policy for your business. Legal and financial issues can pop up unexpectedly, so it’s vital to have an experienced retainer in these areas. Additionally, accountants are often the people that keep businesses organized enough to apply for all of the necessary tax breaks that they qualify for. Even if you’re starting, having an accountant will save you money in the long run by helping explain complicated tax information in a way that is easy to understand, even if you don’t have any experience with it beforehand!”

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About Bryan Punturo:

Bryan Punturo grew up in a modest community where hard work and family were emphasized heavily. After attending both Penn State University and the University of Alabama, Bryan entered the professional world with both a bachelor’s degree in biology and a bachelor’s degree in engineering. These credentials opened the doors to an engineering position with Shell Oil Company which took Bryan from Alabama to Michigan. During his tenure with Shell, Bryan realized that he had larger ambitions and decided to pursue entrepreneurship instead of working for a large corporation.

Some of his initial endeavors included owning and operating various retail establishments, a fitness center, and multiple tanning salons, which evolved into a regional franchised industry leader in the Midwest. Bryan Punturo also spent a few short years as a commercial pilot. Beyond that, as a licensed general contractor, Bryan built both residential and commercial structures.

In 2000, Bryan purchased a swathe of waterfront land that would later be the site for an 80-room hotel with a full bar and restaurant. To this day, Bryan is the onsite owner/operator of the ParkShore Resort in Traverse City, Michigan, which is a four-star facility located on the Grand Traverse Bay. The waterway is an extension of Lake Michigan and is a four-season playground for much of the downstate community. With 21 years on the property under his belt and a very seasoned support staff, Bryan Punturo spends the spring, summer, and autumn months managing the hotel and spends the winters in Florida. He also allots a significant portion of his free time to mentoring young entrepreneurs.

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