China (Hainan) Sporting Goods and Equipment Import Exhibition Started in December

Haikou, China–(Newsfile Corp. – December 10, 2021) – In July 2021, the Summer Olympics, which was postponed for one year, was inaugurated in Tokyo. In September 2021, Xi’an, China hosted the 14th National Games. In February 2022, China will host the 24th Winter Olympic Games. China (Hainan) Sporting Goods and Equipment Import Exhibition, an initiative taken by Hainan Provincial People’s Government, was recently inaugurated in Hainan Province of China.

In a pandemic-hit world, outdoor sport has now become a lifestyle choice that allows people to keep fit, while increasing possibilities of global exchange and cooperation. As a result, the sports industry has grown rapidly. According to data from the General Administration of Customs P.R.China, in 2020, the total import and export volume of the sporting goods industry of China was about 24.702 billion US dollars, increasing at 21.76% (YOY). From January to May 2021, the total amount of import and export of the sporting goods industry in China is about 13.155 billion US dollars, which has exceeded half of the total import and export volume of last year.

The fast-growing market requires the participation of more international high-quality industries so that the global sports industry can develop while sharing the Chinese market. Global sports enterprises have strengthened their collaboration in a growing market, and have started promoting global industrial chains through closer cooperation. It is an important move to accelerate towards the idea of Community, and a shared future for mankind.

Hainan Provincial People’s Government aims to build a platform that can aggregate and display the content. Based on it, the provincial government will extend and strengthen the production, assembly, sales, warehousing, competitions, and services capabilities of the diversified sports industry.

The Hainan Free Trade Port, which carries the important task of opening to the outside world, relies on its own rich sports tourism resources, activity carrying resources, and tax-free consumption resources, taking advantage of the unique policy of the free trade port entering the inland market with 30% tax-free import processing value-added. The China Sporting Goods Industry Federation, together with the Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television, and Sports, jointly launched the first expo with the theme of sporting goods and equipment imports – First China (Hainan) Sporting Goods and Equipment Import Expo (Hainan Sports Expo for short), for international sports brands to concatenate the high-quality production capacity of China and in order to enter the inland Chinese market. The exhibition was held at the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center from December 3 to 5, 2021 to show the world the opening market and share the marketing growth dividends of China initiatively, revealing the innovative genes of industrial thinking from the arrangement of online and offline — during and after the conference.

From the perspective of content structure, Hainan Sports Expo has jumped out of the traditional expo model. In addition to the basic display of brands and products, it also integrates diversified content such as event performances, on-site experience, cutting-edge technology, training units, fashion sports, themed cultural creation, and urban sports tourism. These are indispensable parts of constructing a new sports industry ecology and important resources for the development of a Chinese sports tourism economy with different characteristics in the future. It is bound to attract domestic cities to use this as an opportunity. The provincial government aims to Integrate tax exemption policies for the sports industry and leverage the industrial chain advantages, while establishing a new cross-border international sports industry cooperation pattern.

From the perspective of industrial layout, Hainan Sports Expo will build a cooperative exchange expo platform with online and offline resource services. Relying on the guidance and support of relevant authoritative departments, it will actively unite and integrate multiple resources and build the business units that benefit each other, including the construction of sports goods tax-free, sports industry parks, sports events, sports digital platforms, sports and tourism integrative cooperation, and sports-education-integrated product systems. It will form a circular and mutual promotion system, which provides content resources for the city, market resources for the industry, and consumption resources for users. It has become an innovative force that accurately utilizes the advantages of basic resources to drive the development of industrial ecology.

According to experts, these industry-centric innovations will have great potential to provide an empowering advantage to the Hainan Free Trade Port, which will use the policies and the integrated resources effectively, radiating to the inland, expanding regional win-win cooperation, and upgrading the industrial chain. It will make the Hainan Sports Expo have a longer operating cycle and more comprehensive operation content. It will promote the high-level development and optimize the utilization of local sports and tourism integrated resources and other related resources of Hainan. It will lead the linkage of cooperation and innovation from the upstream to the downstream of the industrial chain globally, bringing good social and economic benefits.

The Company believes that the effective practice of this innovative subject will not only serve as a practical sample for Hainan Free Trade Port to make full use of the opening policy but also become a window for China to share the economic growth dividends of sports around the world and actively promote cooperation in the sports industry worldwide. It will show the world openness and inclusiveness, pursuing co-construction and sharing, mutual benefit and a win-win situation.


Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television, and Sports
Rui Li

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