Diana And Alex Klurfeld Launch New Awareness Campaign to Include Orphan Diseases (With Klurfeld Cares)

New York-based non-profit aims to make a difference for those left behind by the medical industry

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 21, 2021 / Klurfeld Cares, a New York-based volunteer organization, is launching a new, large-scale campaign to raise awareness for orphan diseases.

Orphan diseases, according to Klurfeld Cares, are those diseases that the medical and pharmaceutical industries have not broadly addressed. This may occur due to a disease’s rarity or because its treatment is not considered profitable, say Diana and Alex Klurfeld, founders of Klurfeld Cares.

Orphan diseases are often not well understood, according to the Klurfelds, causing many patients to encounter challenges on their journey through diagnosis and treatment.

Because of these challenges, Diana and Alex Klurfeld are devoting this latest awareness campaign to calling attention to the need for increased research and funding for orphan diseases like Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Lyme Disease, ALS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Duncan’s Syndrome, and the many, many others.

Broader in scope than any Klurfeld Cares awareness campaign ever before, Diana and Alex Klurfeld and Klurfeld Cares aim to bring hope with this campaign to the millions of people suffering from diseases like these that do not receive adequate funding and research.

Diana Klurfeld, a patient advocate, and her husband Alex Klurfeld, a physical therapist and entrepreneur, created Klurfeld Cares as a response to the Klurfelds’ desire to make a difference for patients left behind by the traditional medical industry.

Compiling information from doctors, caretakers, and patients around the globe, Diana and Alex Klurfeld and their team of volunteers are working towards creating an invaluable database of information on under-represented orphan diseases.

In addition to information gathering, Diana and Alex Klurfled offer their collective resources and time to educate nonprofits, medical clinics, and doctors on under-funded and under-researched medical conditions, giving a voice and hope to many who are suffering.

Patients with these orphan diseases often don’t have an effective doctor to go to, Diana and Alex Klurfeld say, because physicians have not been educated on their condition and treatments.

Working with patients battling diseases like Ehler Danlos, Diana Klurfeld understands just how difficult it can be to navigate a medical system that is unprepared to treat lesser-researched diseases. Ehler Danlos, a genetic connective tissue disorder, may cause conditions like scoliosis, chronic pain, and early osteoarthritis. There is no known cure for Ehler-Danlos, and the only treatments available are symptomatic therapy.

But with increased funding, research, and medical education, orphan diseases like Ehler-Danlos stand a fighting chance, according to the Klurfelds, at being treated effectively and even cured.

That is precisely why Diana and Alex Klurfeld created Klurfeld Cares. Seeing a need for energetic, non-profit work in this area, the two made a mission of raising awareness and gathering information on under-represented diseases for patients, their caregivers and families, and their medical professionals.

Because it’s about more than just awareness at Klurfeld Cares, Alex and Diana Klurfeld say it’s about sensible solutions. It’s about problem-solving. It’s about treatment. It’s about cures.

And thanks to a growing community of Klurfeld Cares volunteers, positive momentum for more educated physicians and new treatments for orphan diseases is building. Diana and Alex Klurfeld and their team are using data-driven models to provide solutions right now for long-lasting change. Change for the better for those suffering and longing to be heard.

To Diana and Alex Klurfeld and the community of patients they serve, Klurfeld Cares connects the puzzle pieces. Because when patients, advocates, doctors, and researchers work together, Diana and Alex say, answers (and treatments) are found.

For more information or for ways to support Diana and Alex Klurfeld’s mission, visit klurfeldcares.com.

About Alex and Diana Klurfeld:

Alex Klurfeld is a physical therapist and entrepreneur. Diana Klurfeld has worked in the health care industry for over a decade and is also a volunteer patient advocate. Founders of Klurfeld Cares, Alex, and Diana are dedicated to bringing awareness and resources to underserved patient populations that face a shortage of medical industry interest in their ailments.

About Klurfeld Cares:

Klurfeld Cares is a New York-based grassroots movement of individual volunteers, led by husband and wife team Alex and Diana Klurfeld, aiming to make a difference in the world for those with under-recognized and under-served diseases. Through informational awareness campaigns, the creation of informational databases, and education, Klurfeld Cares advocates for solutions and understanding for those who don’t have a voice.

Alex and Diana’s hope is that with the help of dedicated volunteers, Klurfeld Cares will be a resource for information and hope for patients and physicians alike.

For more information or to help out, visit klurfeldcares.com.

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