EverGrow Coin: The Best Crypto to Buy Now Other than Bitcoin

NEWARK, DE / ACCESSWIRE / December 7, 2021 / Since its sensational launch 2 months ago, EverGrow has had quite the ride! EverGrow ($EGC) was the first major project offering a stable, regulated currency as a regular reward for holders. Within just 2 months, EverGrow has paid over $29,000,000 in Binance-pegged USD rewards making it a true passive income king and one of the best cryptos to buy now.

Many experts and analysts have cited EverGrow to become the top-20 global crypto in 2022. This is based on the fact they are one of the most experienced teams we’ve seen in this field – consisting of marketing, finance, and blockchain professionals with decades of experience. Beyond that, they have arguably the most impressive roadmap of any project in this space.

A suite of utilities within an ecosystem designed to create fundamental value and pay ever increasing rewards to holders. These utilities include Crator, the world’s first Crypto/FIAT payments integrated content creator platform, expected to compete directly with OnlyFans and Patreon. An NFT lending platform and marketplace, the first of its kind of the Binance Smart Chain, meaning faster, cheaper transactions than those currently out there. The team is also understood to be working with games developers on a Play2 Earn game, a sector that is currently booming.

The team also recently announced a new crypto wallet, EverGrow Wallet, which is due to be released in Q2 2022 – this will put them ahead, in terms of timeline, of any other project in this space. The EverGrow Wallet will offer full tokenomics integration, direct fiat payment, and numerous other features that no other project has managed to bring successfully into a single application.

With all these applications and utilities, 100% of profits will be used for EverGrow’s revolutionary BuyBack & Burn feature. The feature buys $EGC from the open market, creating BUSD rewards for holders, and positive price action, then sends those tokens to the burn address, permanently removing them from supply. It seems the significance of these features has not quite sunk into the markets yet, but when it does it should prove to be a real gamechanger.

But as we entered the crypto-winter, which saw goliaths such as Bitcoin and Ethereum making double-digit daily losses, altcoins were dragged down significantly, and one of the coins to suffer most in this macro-bear environment was EverGrow. It’s no surprise that a new project that surged over $1 billion in market cap would suffer a big correction during such a negative trading environment, but at a current market cap of $300 million at the time of writing, EverGrow looks again like the best crypto to invest in now.

Success with just one or two of EverGrow’s ground-breaking utilities should be enough to propel EverGrow Tokens to levels we’ve not seen before. If they hit the jackpot in multiple areas, it would not surprise us to see EverGrow hit the top 20 next year. For those looking for crypto to buy now, EverGrow may well be the number one candidate.

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