FlanderSport, LC Two-Time Olympian Says It’s Critical to See Beauty in Life

Finding Post-Pandemic Happiness Is A Crucial Component of Recovery

PROVO, UT / ACCESSWIRE / Dec 10, 2021 / The pandemic has destroyed the equivalent of 100 million jobs, and nearly 1/3 of U.S. workers under 40 have considered changing careers. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, about 4 in 10 adults in the U.S. have reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder, up from one in ten adults who reported these symptoms from January to June 2019. Americans are anxious and in need of inspiration and purpose.

Holly Flanders, of FlanderSport, LC, a two-time Olympian and winner of 3 World Cup Downhill ski races, learned about stress and anxiety from the rugged world of elite athletics. Her company now shows people who have been knocked down by life how to find a new start or direction, discover their talent, and achieve their highest aspirations, no matter where they are right now.

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Flanders says, “I wasn’t always at the top of my game. As a young racer, I was very insecure. In fact, one coach said I skied like a “bag of bolts” and would never make it.” The FlanderSport, LC method is based on Holly Flanders’s seven decisions that determined her destiny. One of her critical decisions and breakthroughs occurred while in Sölden, Austria, at a training camp.

“I’m 21 years old, on the U.S. Ski Team, racing the World Cup Downhill circuit, and my results have been stagnating. I feel like I’ve hit a wall. I’m frustrated, thinking only about where I’ve placed in races: not high enough.

“I’m standing at the start of a giant slalom training course high on Sölden’s magnificent Rettenbach glacier overlooking the Ötztal Valley. I suddenly pause to look out over the glacier and the Alps and take it in. I see exquisite peaks all around me glistening with snow, a rugged pattern of whites, browns, and distant grays. I realized I’d been here for days and never once looked around me. I’ve been distracted, preoccupied with losing and winning. Suddenly, I stop thinking. My mind is quiet, and I take in the beauty. I feel joy and wonder and savor the moment.”

She adds, “I push off and start to make flowing turns, freeskiing through the gates, not worrying about anything. Just letting go. It’s all about flow, and I am in it.”

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Flanders won that timed training run, and she was in the top three on every run for the rest of the camp. She says, “I discovered the power of experiencing beauty which quieted my mind, put me in the present, and opened my heart.”

According to Robert Emmons, a psychologist and world expert on gratitude, experiencing beauty and gratitude on a regular basis can have a considerable impact on overall mood and perspective. Positive emotions are closely connected to health and wellness and can create an upward spiral in daily life.

FlanderSport, LC suggests people decide to notice and experience beauty, especially during this pandemic. Flanders says, “beauty can put you in a mental state for success, and you can experience beauty everywhere, every day. Sharpen your awareness, open your heart, then quiet your mind to take it in.” She adds, “you might find that it improves your life and takes you to a whole new level of happiness.”


Holly Flanders is a 2-time Olympian, 3-time World Cup downhill champion. She has been a ski race commentator for CBS, ESPN, Turner Sports & GGP and hosted “Flanders Afield” for KTVX in Salt Lake City. She is the author of The 7 Decisions That Determine Destiny, which will be available in 2022. For more information about the founder and creator, visit https://hollyflanders.com/.

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