Founder of Become A Living God, E.A. Koetting, Announces New Collaborative Works

The flagship author of Become A Living God kicks off a new series of cooperative writing efforts with the debut of an exciting and powerful new spellbook.

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / December 3, 2021 / It is with great pride and pleasure that prolific occultist and new age spiritualist author E.A. Koetting announces that he has worked in collaboration with fellow authors Rose Crowley and Maggie Moon to produce a stimulating and informative new book titled The World Domination Series, Spellbook One: The Love Magick Spellbook. The book, which is distributed by a company co-founded by E.A. Koetting, called Become A Living God, was written to assist those who wish to improve their love lives with incantations, ancient ceremonies, and alchemical practices.

The World Domination Series, Spellbook One: The Love Magick Spellbook is structured into three major sections, each being curated by one of the co-authors. The first section, titled “Black Love Magick,” is written by E.A. Koetting himself features such chapters as “Glamour Magick 101,” “Conjuring True Love,” and “The Alchemical Wedding Rite.” The second section, which is called “Disciplines of Ecstasy,” is written by Rose Crowley and contains such entries as “The Nature of Sex Magick,” “Core Techniques & Practices,” as well as a formal introduction and conclusion. Finally, the third section, titled “Left Hand Path Love Magick,” is written by Maggie Moon and features such chapters as “Intermediate Glamour Magick,” “Blood Magick Love Spells,” and “Candle Magick Love Spells.”

As the title suggests, The World Domination Series, Spellbook One: The Love Magick Spellbook is only the first installment in a series of comprehensive occultist texts, each dealing with a different overarching subject. The World Domination Series is scheduled to continue with three future installments set to be released over the course of the next two years.

A sample chapter from the book is available for download free of charge from Become A Living God’s official website. Once there, visitors will also find a way to order The World Domination Series, Spellbook One bound with their choice of cloth or leather, as well as a promotional video, wherein E.A. Koetting gives a brief overview of the book’s contents. Anyone curious to learn more about E.A. Koetting or Become A Living God is encouraged to explore the website further.

About E.A. Koetting:

E.A. Koetting is the author of 18 books and the creator of more than a thousand videos on the subjects of religion, occultism, and new age spirituality. In his twenties, he penned eight books that would go on to become successful cult classics and foundational works in the field. In 2012, E.A. Koetting co-founded the project/company Become A Living God as a means to impart his accumulated knowledge and insight through video courses, video blogs, newsletters, books, and social media engagement.

About Become A Living God:

Become a Living God is an esoteric lifestyle brand headquartered in Nevada, but with participants and contributors located all over the world. It offers various products and services, some of which include educational courses, books and grimoires, consultations, readings, ritual services for hire, and magick items such as circles, flags, and talismans. Since its inception almost ten years ago, Become A Living God has garnered much attention and acclaim, growing to become one of the most recognized brands in the realm of occultism and new age spirituality.

Contact Information:
E.A. Koetting
Co-founder, Become A Living God
Phone: 1-888-355-5545

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