Gennix Announces Two New Features: Cross-Chain Stable Swap and Decentralised Exchange into its Micro-Lending Platform in FY22 Q1

More avenues for investors to lend, borrow and swap and bridge their assets seamlessly within the Gennix ecosystem across different blockchains.

SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / December 30, 2021 / Chief Executive Officer and founder of Gennix, Dean Marjanovic announces the latest platform upgrade: integrating a cross-chain stable swap feature and a decentralised exchange (DEX) onto the Gennix platform as part of the project’s growth plan. The project aims to reduce financial inequality across the globe by enabling access to elements of decentralised Finance (DeFi) and allowing users to interact freely with the Gennix platform. The recent upgrades allow users to exchange tokens between blockchains on the Gennix platform.

As an emerging blockchain lending protocol, Gennix has shown its dominance through its latest proposed feature upgrades: A bridge linking the most popular blockchain tokens with an inbuilt warning system against bridging tokens to blockchains with non-funded liquidity pools. This will be added alongside a DEX. As a crypto native, Dean understands the pain points in the user journey of crypto traders today and aims to alleviate these issues that plague the market today.

Bridging involves the minting of a token on a different blockchain, while pegging the token’s value to its native token. For example, USDT on ERC20 can be bridged to fUSDT on the Fantom blockchain. This allows users who primarily trade on other blockchains to bring their assets to and from the Gennix platform and utilise their assets within the Gennix ecosystem by borrowing, lending or, staking.

Commenting on the cross-chain stable swaps, Dean Marjanovic, Chief Executive Officer of Gennix Limited said, “The cross-chain permissionless bridge is one of top scaling and major upgrades for Gennix. The latest implementation is designed to allow everyone to be able to use the Gennix platform seamlessly and increases the utility of the platform” Dean also added, “Our main goal is to attract more communities into our ecosystem. The community is growing rapidly, and we are making improvements to provide an equal opportunity for everyone to have seamless access to the lending platform as well as the ecosystem.”

Since Gennix launch on October 27, 2021, it has generated multifold interest with a series of partnerships and centralised exchanges, on-ramp, off-ramp service providers and security companies, and many more. Gennix is available on CoinMarketCap and PancakeSwap. The project is also expecting a major CEX listing announcement in early January.

About Gennix

Gennix is a micro-lending platform built on the Binance Smart Chain. The project was designed to promote end-to-end lending and borrowing of digital assets and related financial products such as DeFi staking pools, farming pools, and NFT yield boosters. Gennix understands the requirements to become a dominant entity in the crypto lending space and seeks to maintain and develop the vibrant community behind the Gennix project.

Ultimately, the goal of Gennix is to become an incumbent lending platform and the first choice for both new and existing investors.

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