How a Mindful and Positive Workplace Culture Boosts Productivity and Retention by Pandit Dasa

GAINESVILLE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / December 8, 2021 / Mindful workplace culture can contribute to the health and happiness of everyone there. Building a workplace culture centered on mindfulness requires both employees and management to be mindful themselves, and there are a few simple changes they can make to get started.

Insights on Mindfulness From an Urban Monk

Pandit Dasa ( is an expert on resilience and mindfulness and the roles it plays in the work environment. Today, Pandit visits a variety of organizations as a keynote speaker, including many Fortune 500 companies, like Google, Chase, IBM, NASA, London Stock Exchange and more, but for 15 years of his life, he lived as a Monk in New York City. Now, he helps employees and management alike develop a more thorough understanding of just how important mindfulness can be and how to achieve it.

Why Mindfulness Matters at Work

Mindfulness isn’t just about meditation. It’s an attitude and mindset that employees carry with themselves throughout the entire day. In doing so, they make it possible to balance their work and personal lives.

For most, the work environment is a complex social landscape in which interactions can be challenging, difficult, and sometimes unpleasant. Coming into the workplace with the right mindset and perspective enables employees to contribute to an overall workplace culture of mindfulness, creating a healthier, happier, and more productive workplace overall.

Stress and anxiety in the workplace can quickly become unmanageable if left to develop and fester. Mindfulness practices help remove a person from dwelling on the past, on how previous interactions in the workplace have gone and lets them focus on the present moment instead. This gives them the right attitude for moving forward unburdened.

How Can People Achieve Mindfulness in Their Lives?

The different aspects of a person’s overall health, physical, mental and emotional, are all closely linked, so there are, in fact, many ways that people can make changes to their lives to increase their overall wellbeing. Here are some simple changes that you can start to make today that will allow you to develop an optimal “you” necessary to properly balance your life.

Focusing on How You Interact With Your Coworkers

Within the workplace, maintaining positive relations with your coworkers is one of the best ways to be mindful. So much of what happens throughout the workday, and certainly the most important parts, have to do with other people. By focusing on having positive relationships and developing empathy, you can help work towards having a mindful workplace culture in which everyone can interact and engage in a positive manner.

Regularly Appreciate Your Colleagues

Appreciating your colleagues is one of the best ways to create a positive workplace culture and shows that you are thinking of them and their contributions. It is important that the appreciation is genuine, precise and happens on a consistent basis. This mindful approach to one’s colleagues will create deeper levels of trust, communication, and collaboration.

Mindful Communication at Work

It’s crucial to consider the following four items when communicating with your colleagues:

  1. What you’re going to say
  2. How you’re going to communicate in terms of body language and facial expressions
  3. How your message will be received by the recipient
  4. How it will impact your relationship with the individual(s)

Taking a Closer Look at Your Diet

Much of what affects your moods and disposition comes down to what you eat, both in the short and long term. One of the most significant changes you can make is reducing the amount of refined sugar you’re eating. These are the sugars you’ll find in sugary drinks and other artificially sweetened foods. Instead, going with the complex sugars found in natural foods will provide you with a much more consistent energy level, contributing to enhanced productivity and focus at work.

Getting More Exercise

Of course, exercise plays a vital role in your overall health. Even moderate exercise like walks can have a significant positive effect if kept up with regularly. Building a routine also contributes to mindfulness, giving your life the structure it needs to calm stress and anxiety and let you focus on the present.

Developing Mindfulness Through Meditation

Meditation can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. In fact, it’s generally easier to get started than many people might imagine. You could start with just a few minutes, gradually building up to longer sessions each day. This calming ritual could be just what’s needed for you to get in the right frame of mind before a potentially difficult meeting or discussion. Mindfulness practices can be used to help us in almost any situation throughout the day, whether it’s during work hours or while with family.

Just Keep Moving No Matter What Your Pace Is

Those are just some of the ways that you can help stimulate mindfulness in your life. The best way to find out which works best for you is to give them a try and find out for yourself. You don’t have to make major life changes all at once, but just making a few changes in the right direction could make all the difference in how mindful you are during the workday and how that contributes to a mindful workplace culture.


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