IMCOIN, the First Hybridcoin Listed in LATOKEN

TALLINN, ESTONIA / ACCESSWIRE / December 29, 2021 / A few days ago IMC was listed in a centralized exchange making it the first and only hybridcoin to achieve it.

It is estimated that this may cause high demand for the currency due to the high volume handled by the exchange.

IMCoin is the first hybrid coin in the crypto market today, intending to provide token holders with the stability of stable coins and the value performance of other cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the IMCoin project aims to provide its token holders with access to credit using their cryptocurrencies as collateral and the ability to repay the loan in USD value, allowing them to maintain their asset position without risk.

There is no doubt that digital currencies have altered the global financial system. The price-performance of cryptocurrencies has made many millionaires; the digital assets have been a great store of value with the expectation that they will continue to rise in value over time. However, while a good store of wealth, cryptocurrencies are not stable enough to be a preferred payment method in our daily lives. Because digital assets are volatile, it is difficult for individuals to trade and buy things directly.

Stable coins were developed to deal with the volatility and make cryptocurrencies stable enough for transactions and easy transfer. However, cryptocurrencies’ price performance and profitability had to be sacrificed to achieve stability through stable coins.

IMCoin has been able to combine the stability of stable coins with the profitability of other cryptocurrencies by issuing its IMC tokens as an underlying asset. The IMexchange platform enables users to profit from the price increase of IMC tokens while also gaining access to credit for easy transfer and daily transactions, achieving both stability and profitability.

The IMCoin model is based on blockchain credit, where the value of the collateral asset is transparent and accessible to anyone on the blockchain at any time. Smart contracts are used to facilitate the transactions, and no third parties are involved in the process. Instead, liquidity providers provide the funds for the crypto-backed loans, and the lenders benefit from the loan interest rates and the profitability of IMCoin. As a result, the platform’s interest rates are significantly lower than credit rates on other cryptocurrency platforms, where both lenders and borrowers are exposed to the risk of volatility.

The IMexchange platform also includes an artificial intelligence assistant, Lucy, who assists users with automated loan operations. Lucy has a deep intelligence learning algorithm that analyzes the platform’s user activities to develop predictive actions to assist the user in offering additional financial services. The platform also intends to use the AI assistant as a trading account auditor for all markets, including forex, futures, and other cryptocurrencies. In addition, the AI assistant would assist traders who want to display their trading results on the blockchain, which is transparent and verifiable.

IMCoin has positioned itself as the ideal combination of value and stable coins to achieve stability and profitability. Therefore, the project will most likely contribute to the advancement of the DeFi sector by providing users with the best of both the “stable coin and other cryptocurrencies” worlds.

You can learn more about their project by visiting their website.

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