Is Axces Project the next big Metaverse Project?

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / December 6, 2021 / When the world halted in 2020, people turned to virtual spaces to take the next step forward. Video-sharing platforms and social media outlets became essential as people looked for alternative ways to build community, share their art, and make the most of life. Within two years, the growth and innovation because of this unprecedented crossover shows that virtual spaces are no longer an alternative, but an exciting, vital community that is here to stay. With 2022 just over a month away, virtual spaces now more than ever are the future of entertainment, as a vital agent for accessibility, promotion and progress. Axces Project is no stranger to the essential role that virtual spaces played in the past two years of entertainment. In 2022, they are excited to take the next step of “bridging the gap between the metaverse and the entertainment world”.

The future of Interaction, Axces Project is the first ever attempt at creating an alluring community and ecosystem both within the MetaVerse, and in real time via collaborations with major icons, lifestyle companies, and brands. 2022 will be a thrilling year for those with Axces ($AXC) tokens, as the more tokens you have, gives you greater access to higher tiers, rewards, and exclusive features of the community. Tokens are a key component in the exciting MetaVerse that Axces Project has to offer. With tokens publicly launching January 15, 2022, along with an extensive list of ambassadors and partnerships being announced in the coming months – Axces is sure to be a top project. At Axces Project, tokens are only the beginning of the opportunities afforded to its members. Within a few months of launch, Axces Project is excited to host the first ever MetaVerse party which will provide exclusive interactive opportunities with Axces Projects’ A-list ambassadors and brands. In a time where everyone is looking for connection, Axces Project is paving the way for real-time interaction with some of the biggest inspirations of the current day within their exclusive community.Not only will Axces Project provide a never-before-seen platform for fan-to -artist/brand interaction, but they’re also passionate about giving back to the culture that they are helping to create. As part of the 2-2-2 redistribution tax, Axces Project is dedicated to returning the gratitude to those who believe in the community they are building. Not only will this provide incentive towards the growth of the community, but it also paves the way for the future generation of artists as Ambassadors will have full say of the use and distribution of funds coming out of the 2-2-2 fund known as APC (Axces Project Creations).

Axces Project is looking towards the future as the world continues to move forward and adapt to the ever-changing entertainment industry. Axces Project has partnered with Triller, the American video-sharing & entertainment platform, for Art Basel 2021 featuring Bishop Gallery’s Basquiat exhibition “Our Friend JEAN,” Cory Van LEW, and Jacquees. You can also look forward to Axces Project’s official NFT launch, coming soon with lots of exciting things in store for the MetaVerse. As a member of Axces Project, an additional milestone will be their partnership in launching alongside one of the largest Casino and Hotel chains, with more details still to be announced. Joining Axces Project is not only signing onto the future of Interaction and community within the world of entertainment, but it is also signing onto the future of entertainment itself, as Axces Project is dedicated to the future of the digital world blending with the physical experience. If we learned anything in 2020, we learned that community, whether in-person or virtual, is not to be taken for granted. Axces Project is dedicated to ensuring the flourishing of this community for future generations by making an impact, today.

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