Luxury Spirits Producer, ONE ROQ, Positions for Competitive Growth in Direct-to-Consumer Alcohol, NFT and Metaverse, Powered by a Global Investor Community of 4,500

This luxury brand invites you to own and grow equity in what you drink, with unique brand experience you can’t get find anywhere else.

SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 27, 2021 / Last week, luxury vodka producer, ONE ROQ, announced trending year-end highlights forecasting another year of positive growth since becoming one of the first private-public luxury spirits brands to raise $1M through regulation crowdfunding. Led by Founder/CEO, Garrett Green, the company has now raised over $1.9M+ from 4500 global investors and will soon close its current live offering at Funds to date have gone towards building technology infrastructure, A/B testing, and generating initial sales through its marquee, membership club, which invites consumers to own and grow equity in what they drink, and relish in unique rewards, soon to include NFTs and the potential Metaverse.

IWSR Drinks Market Analysis predicted beverage alcohol ecommerce will grow +66% across global markets between 2020 and 2025 as new generations permanently adopt online platforms to discover, purchase and adopt new brands.

ONE ROQ, a start up in the 365B alcohol market, is differentiating through the production of ultra, high-quality vodka that goes head to head in taste with brands like Grey Goose, Kettle and Titos. But it’s ONE ROQ’s membership innovation coupled with its award-winning products, that is meeting the desire of consumers who seek out and expect more from their brands. ONE ROQ Membership, apart from convenient bragging rights, includes highly unique privileges, perks and rewards such as: democratized brand ownership enabled via regulation crowdfunding, compliant direct-to-home shipping, monthly discount drops, interactive voting on new products, exclusive content, invites to high profile entertainment events (to return in 2022), and premium subscription that unlocks complimentary drinks and % off bills at over 1 million premier bars, restaurants, nightclubs and hotels in top cities throughout the world. And ONE ROQ is not stopping there because soon members will enjoy weekly music drops by guest djs based on their profile preferences, new, cash-based referral rewards, a sales ambassador program, and more is coming.

“ONE ROQ has always been focused on how to create a better product-experience” states Garrett Green, Developer and CEO of ONE ROQ. “In addition to an evolving menu of brand privileges that are delivered through ONE ROQ membership, we are looking forward to the strong possibility of launching into NFTs as well as introducing a visionary new privilege that would create gateway into the metaverse, offering an exciting new medium for members to connect, socialize, and experience from all corners of the world.”


ONE ROQ Spirits is the maker of ONE ROQ (, the next-generation luxury spirit delivering superior taste, brand experience and financial empowerment for the 99%. ONE ROQ offers consumers portal to luxury brand ownership; compliant, direct-to-home delivery, exclusive content, new flavor voting, VIP event access (scheduled to return in 2022), and premium subscription products unlocking perks like complimentary drinks at up to 1.6M premier bars, restaurants, and night clubs in top cities.

Highlights: DTC capability up to 20M households via compliant 3rd party fulfillment providers | 20,000 verified Retail Contacts | Import licenses for all 50 US States | 3 Revenue Streams including core products, wearables, and novel subscriptions | Addressable market: 30% of 365B global adult beverage market w/ contiguous product offering capability | Currently under contract to host the after party of a major televised sporting event in February.

Product Creds: Best of the Best- Robb Report | Gold Medal for Taste & Design – International SIP Awards | 95 point rating by Food & Beverage Network | Gluten Free. Sulfite Free. Sodium Free. Non-GMO, Vegan and Kosher.

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2022 Outlook: the company will focus on reaching more vodka and premium spirit drinkers via compliant DTC platforms, creating new distribution alliances; and capitalizing on first-mover marketing opportunities in a new digital frontier, including entry into NFTs and the Metaverse.

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