Meet the New Kid on the Legal Block: Georgia Legal Counsel, Making a Difference One Client at a Time

MARIETTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / December 21, 2021 / Lawyers are meant to protect one’s rights and property in any legal interaction. In an industry that is so people-focused, it can be difficult to find legal counsel that truly wants to make a difference, not just a quick buck. Meet the client-centered firm, Georgia Legal Counsel, specializing in personal injury, probate, and estate planning, poised to make a splash in the industry as a one-stop shop for protective legal services.

Partner Katie Taylor founded Georgia Legal Counsel in April of 2021 with a goal of achieving the best possible results for her clients and making positive changes in her clients’ lives. The Georgia native developed a sense of passion for law and justice at an early age and aspired to become an attorney during her youth. Taylor began her law career working for a probate and estate planning law firm where she gained experience in drafting wills and handling probate matters. She then went on to gain additional experience in personal injury, representing clients on both the plaintiffs and insurance defense. Her unique background in law has allowed her to acquire the strategies needed to fight these types of cases. For Taylor, helping her clients solve legal problems is equally important to supporting their navigation of the emotional challenges that may come with losing a loved one or suffering from a personal injury.

Georgia Legal Counsel specializes in three main areas of law: personal injury, probate, and estate planning. Personal injury refers to a client that has been personally injured in a motor vehicle or trucking accident along with slip & falls. Katie and her team guide clients to get the necessary medical treatment they need and the monetary compensation they deserve from the insurance company. Probate involves filing legal paperwork with the court in order to properly administer an estate of a loved one that is deceased. They also file petitions for guardianship and conservatorship for those that are incapacitated. Estate Planning involves drafting wills, Powers of Attorney, and trusts.

Through all these specialties, they have preserved their company’s core values. As big believers in honesty in the client-lawyer relationship, they understand that to build trust and maintain their reputation, they foster a partnership built upon honesty and clear expectations. With respect as a guiding value, the firm encourages trust and optimal communication, both essential in resolving disputes and providing understanding. Finally, Georgia Legal Counsel strives for excellence and delivers the highest quality in everything they do. “The outcomes we achieve for our clients and the gratitude we receive for our services means the world to our practice. Clients come to us in their time of need seeking guidance and we can provide and meet their requests. Our clients make our business; we would not be here if it was not for our clients.”

The client-focused firm has gone one step further this year and developed and implemented new procedures for the safety of clients from COVID-19 while still providing the same standards of service by offering virtual or in-home consultations, saving the client travel time, and minimizing potential exposure. Georgia Legal Counsel is unique in that they value their clients and will go above and beyond for them. “This is what makes the firm special, as you do not get the bare minimum. We continue to strive for excellence and that starts with putting the needs of our clients first,” says founding partner Katie Taylor. Representing individuals and families across Georgia, they are offering free initial consultations, for more information visit

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