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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 10, 2021 / At its core, Hope for Them is a non-profit foundation committed to enhancing the quality of life for the less fortunate. This simple idea is shared by almost every charity foundation, but Hope For Them brings it to new heights through its execution.

Mike Jean & Michael Fredo “Music For Them” at Golisano Children’s Hospital University at Rochester Medical Center.

Their work rises above the tendency to pour money or goods into problems. Instead, Hope For Them is a foundation that seeks to spark joy for life. Music inevitably plays a large role in this. As such, musicians are prominent volunteers.

The music industry may be focused on entertainment, but plenty of its artists are passionate, kind, and generous people with a desire to give back. They have the opportunity to do so through the project Music For Them.

The Music For Them program, in association with MLife Music Group, brings live music to hospitals around the world. These patients are getting treated for bodily ailments, but Music For Them brings them medicine for the soul.

Feeding the soul is the true aim of all of the charity work that Hope For Them does. In addition to musicians, the organization also joins doctors, educators, and philanthropists to contribute to the many charitable projects under the Hope For Them name. One of these includes the program Art For Them, which inspires youth to come together to paint. Creating this art isn’t just about the practice of painting, but also the opportunity of expression and connection with peers in the community.

Both of these programs are within the Hope For Them Foundation, founded by Mike Jean. Along with his event coordinator, Meredith Augustin they are committed to their humanitarian goals of bringing a better life to anyone who is less fortunate, anywhere, and by any means.

In this way, the foundation is boundless. In addition to lifting spirits through music, they also aim to improve the lives of those who truly need it most through disaster relief.

Hope For Them is committed to showing up where and when they’re needed. Most recently, when Haiti was struck with an earthquake, the Hope For Them Foundation was there to lend a hand.

Mike Jean’s foundation is no stranger to attention; he earned the Lifetime Achievement Award from President Biden. But awards mean little to those who have lost it all, and his achievement is just further incentive to continue doing what he loves.

The foundation saves lives and inspires hope. “I have a lot of love for my country,” said the Haitian-American actress Gabrielle Beauvais, before adding, “Mike [Jean and Hope For Them] is doing a lot of great work.”

In addition to disaster relief, the foundation also provides charitable services to schools on a global scale. The worldwide initiative School For Them, fills the gaps for schools that are underfunded. There are so many schools around the world that don’t have the proper supplies for education. For teachers, this is a difficult situation, but for students, this is a devastating problem. Hope For Them provides supplies and school-related platforms, ensuring as many children as possible have access to education.

Hope For Them has recognition from the White House, a worldwide presence, and celebrity endorsements. Still, the most valuable thing this organization has is integrity and soul. They’re in good company, with a history of partnering with other trusted organizations like The American Red Cross and New York Cares.

Needless to say, Hope For Them is in good company on its mission to preserve. They’re preserving life and culture and lives of the poor and sick people of all ages around the world.

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