Nanotronics Introduces nSpec® TURBO for High-Volume Industrial Inspection

Features single or multiple load ports that produce high resolution images 10X faster 

*Nanotronics will be demonstrating the use of the tool at SEMICON West Booth #243

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nanotronics today unveiled nSpec® TURBO at the SEMICON West annual conference, the flagship North American semiconductor tradeshow. This latest tool amongst the Nanotronics suite of inspection services is their fastest to-date, making it the most proficient tool for high-volume industrial inspection.

The nSpec® TURBO system runs multiple scans sequentially. User-friendly software makes configuring recipes effortless and easy to synchronize across multiple systems or locations.

“With the high-throughput, a more compact size, and advanced AI, nSpec® TURBO will play a critical role in the effort to scale fabs quickly and less expensively,” said Matthew Putman, PhD, CEO, and co-founder of Nanotronics. “As we continue to face a supply chain crisis and raw materials shortage, this comes at an ideal time for high-volume manufacturers desperate to increase yields.”

The nSpec® TURBO addition to the Nanotronics portfolio enables high-throughput inspection of wafers ranging from 50 to 300mm wafers and large panels 10X faster to detect, quantify, and classify defects and features of interest. The system allows for high-volume manufacturers to have a tool with single or multiple load ports that can produce high resolution images in a matter of minutes.

“The release of this tool shows the progress of our ongoing work, and we are excited to meet the demand of both future and existing customers,” said Jonathan Lee, PhD, VP of Research and Development. “The nSpec® TURBO system allows the user to acquire images of a 300mm sample at 1 micron resolution in about 45 seconds or at 0.5 micron resolution in about 130 seconds, with further improvements in the coming months.”

nSpec TURBO will be available to manufacturers worldwide for pre-order in Q1 2022. Contact your Nanotronics sales representative directly or via email at

About Nanotronics

Nanotronics is an advanced machines and intelligence company that helps customers across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors solve for the unique inspection and process control challenges of precision manufacturing.

A leading developer of optical inspection tools for the semiconductor industry, Nanotronics uses hardware and software to provide industrial-scale, high-throughput, super imaging systems. Deployed across fifteen countries and industry agnostic, Nanotronics works with leading-edge companies, from aerospace, to electronics, to healthcare, to drive up yield, reduce footprint and waste, lower costs, and speed up design iteration, while eliminating laborious manual inspections.

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