Northpointe Bank, the Innovation-Driven and Client-Focused Powerhouse Aiming for the Top Spot in the Industry

GRAND RAPIDS, MI / ACCESSWIRE / December 27, 2021 / Over the years, consumers have become smarter and more selective when it comes to choosing a service provider. With the number of ventures that offer nothing but talk, it’s a tendency that is not only understandable but also encouraged. Among the ventures in the commercial space that has earned the trust of many is Northpointe Bank.

Northpointe Bank is not the only power player in the financial sector, but it’s one of the powerhouses in an industry known for its saturated and cut-throat nature. As a bank, it functions like any other, serving as a critical component of the financial system and delivering a multitude of services, from standing as an intermediary between creditors and borrowers to making it possible for people to save for nest eggs and rainy days. However, this institution has managed to distinguish itself from the rest because of its commitment to providing value and firm belief that cookie-cutter solutions do more harm than good.

Since 1999, Northpointe Bank has been making its mark, providing home loans and retail banking products to countless individuals and families. The heights it has reached so far can be credited both to the competence with which it meets the needs of its clients and its emphasis on five areas: innovation, client focus, integrity, provision of real value, and empowerment. From the get-go, this widely acclaimed institution has delivered innovative products, exceptional service, and superior technology to its customers, doing so while taking into consideration their unique needs and circumstances and honoring the trust that they have afforded to the company. Additionally, it has empowered every employee to make decisions that benefit the customers, exceed their expectations, and even extend their efforts into making a difference in the communities they serve.

Currently, an impressive selection of high-value banking products is available at Northpointe Bank. This client-focused venture, which is known for its custom-tailored home loans and deposit savings rate that are among the best in America, has funded $35 billion worth of loans since 2018 and assisted more than 128,000 families with home financing in the last three years. Given its all-out approach toward closing the gap between the customers and their needs, it’s no surprise why the Independent Community Bankers of America┬« has ranked Northpointe as a top-performing bank in the nation out of approximately 5,000 ICBA member banks for eight years now.

On top of the nods of recognition that industry authorities have awarded to Northpointe Bank, the long list of achievements that it has snagged under its belt includes securing coveted spots in reliable rankings, as well. In 2020, it emerged as the eighth best-performing bank in the country according to the S&P Global Market Intelligence rankings.

Spearheaded by a team of home lending authorities armed with decades of combined expertise and a passion for finding innovative and original solutions, Northpointe Bank is expected to remain at the forefront of the industry in the years to come.

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