OTB Clubhouse Announces Discord to Help Connect Investors and Traders with other Community Members

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 28, 2021 / OTB Clubhouse, a trading network that educates people as they navigate Options Trading, has helped thousands of people succeed through investing without needing large sums of money. An abbreviation for the Options Trading Blueprint, the OTB Clubhouse trading network, is filled with resources to teach people how to profit from trading in a safe, reliable manner. Many people do not realize that they don’t need a massive amount of money to begin investing. OTB shows people how to make money off investments as low as $500. They have now extended these teachings and connections through the launch of their new discord.

OTB’s newly launched Discord group aims to connect interested investors. The network features live call outs, online training courses, weekly market overview meetings, and an abundance of educational material. Traders can observe a variety of strategies for success and learn the process of investing from those who have had success with trading, hedging, scaling, diversification, and more. Learning to trade responsibly while limiting risk exposure is essential for traders who want to succeed, and OTB Clubhouse helps traders develop these skills.

“What sets OTB Clubhouse apart is that we demonstrate how to trade like an institution. I’ve been lucky enough to have had hands-on training and mentorship from ex-hedge fund managers and veteran options traders, which is why I’ve had such high success rates,” said Moh Suri, owner of OTB Clubhouse. “When I founded OTB Clubhouse, I was on a mission to share these skills with the world, and I am so honored to have helped over 5,000 people earn money through trading.”

Suri openly shares his process with all interested Discord members. Discord community members can expect to receive tips directly from Suri as he has discussed what he has learned throughout the years as a trader. Community members have direct access to observe and learn his process for successful and responsible trading that they can implement into their own trading practices.

*OTB Clubhouse does not act as a financial advisor, but rather helps educate new traders, transform their mindsets, and learn how to make money with trading.

To keep up with the latest updates from OTB Clubhouse or to join the growing Discord community, go to https://www.instagram.com/otbclubhouse/.

Or at their website: www.mohtrading.com

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