Pros and Cons of Owning Your Own Business from Personal Injury Attorney Harrell Gunn

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / December 8, 2021 / Owning one’s own business is a many-sided experience and comes with a roller coaster of emotions and unexpected challenges. Businesses will experience highs, lows, and many unforeseen obstacles along the way. Harrell Gunn, founder of Gunn Law Group, LLC ( knows this ride firsthand and shares some pros and cons to consider.

Pros of Owning Your Own Business

Limitless Growth – Starting your own business opens the door to unlimited growth and personal potential, more so than working for someone else. The time, effort, and sweat equity you put in will count towards the success of your business, not to someone else’s.

Freedom – Freedom is a huge pro when it comes to starting your own business. Freedom comes from not depending on another company for your livelihood and allows you to prioritize your time to focus on what is most important to you. Time freedom, the freedom to explore new avenues, and the freedom to make decisions that you feel are best are all pros of owning your own business.

Make Your Own Rules – When you start your own business you get to set the standards, the procedures, and the expectations, rather than try to fill someone else’s. You can create and build up a company culture that represents you and your vision.

Cons of Owning Your Own Business

Possibility of Failure – There is always a risk of failure, and taking that risk is one of the biggest cons to owning your own business. Knowing that this failure might affect those that depend on you is a big risk. Accepting that you may fail, and still finding the drive to move forward can be a task that has the potential to break you, emotionally, financially, and professionally.

Increased Pressure and Stress – Building your own business adds an incredible layer of stress and pressure to your life. Finding a balance and not allowing that pressure to get in the way or take over is a challenge. A business owner will feel that pressure all the time, and managing it must be done the right way to keep the business alive. The bigger a business gets; the more stress and pressure will increase.

Freedom and Time Management – Freedom is one of the biggest pros of owning a business and also one of the biggest cons. To run a successful business, you must learn how to be your own boss. You must set up and keep yourself on a schedule, on task, all the time, and it is extremely easy to make an excuse for yourself. It is also easy to lose the balance between personal and professional life and let the business take over.

Gunn adds that owning your own business is an opportunity to set a standard to hold yourself to. Look at your own work and decide if you would accept it from an employee, then put that same expectation on yourself.

Gunn knew early in his college career that he wanted to make a name for himself by being his own boss and set a goal to start his own business even before he went to law school. He started his firm shortly after he graduated from law school and has had great success. Gunn hopes to share his story and advice to inspire others who might be thinking about taking that leap of faith and betting on themselves by starting their own business. Learn more about Gunn’s journey to owning his own business and how he serves his clients on his website,, and social media.

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