Recast1 Coin Launches, Set Sights To Revolutionize The Blockchain Industry

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / December 22, 2021 / Recast1 coin team is pleased to announce its platform with a vision to reshape the Blockchain field. Having being listed on CoinMarketCap recently, the team continues to achieve the targets. It is a new non-fiat-oriented stable coin, which has unveiled its revolutionary platform that allows users to generate revenue by transferring and staking tokens.

The coin was founded based on the world’s economy as an inflationary monetary base to meet the needs of people. According to the founder “Whenever the Recast1 coin increases, its supply will increase once people meet their needs.” Through staking and transferring, the team will provide an unlimited supply of Recast1 coin with a limited annual supply for users.

The R1 Economy Platform

The R1 economy platform allows individuals and institutions to create unique profiles. Each profile is assigned an economist or strategist once the individual reaches 1000 followers. Uniquely, anyone can share members with other individuals in exchange for the R1 coin. Furthermore, both economists and strategies can sell their indicators, economic articles, software as NFT on the platform.

There are plans to create a news network that will focus on all economic activities worldwide. Overall, the R1 economy platform will allow users to be expert economists and strategists to ensure things are analyzed well.

Difference between the R1 Coin and Terra Luna

The R1 coins is the first coin based on Proof-of-transfer and proof-of-stake. Significantly, during transfer, users can contract the R1 supply based on the network usage, reflecting on their wallets. Furthermore, it also creates an inflationary coin that will serve as a usable coin during price stability.

Innovations the R1 Coin offers

The R1 coin is the universal token accepted on the Recast1 platform. The platform offers the R1 exchange, mainnet, economy, and proof-of transfer and stake. Through the R1 exchange, users can create, plan, and develop their startups and NFT tokens.

The platform is also building its mainnet while creating a community that includes thousands of users. Furthermore, it will allow every investor to generate coins from coin transfers to other users.

About Recast

Recast1 is a fully decentralized non-fiat-oriented stable coin that offers individuals and institutions the opportunity to create an economist or strategist profile on its platform. The platform uses the proof-of-transfer and proof-of-stake protocol to strengthen its community.

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