SmartClick’s AI-Powered APIs coming to Reshape Business Automation Processes

AI-powered APIs just launched by SmartClick in Rapid API!

GLENDALE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 6, 2021 / SmartClick has released its AI-powered APIs to help companies improve business process automation for better outcomes. Whether a CTO, a developer, or a product manager interested in AI solutions, the user can now get SmartClick’s APIs to scale their products and streamline business processes in the company. These API-based automation solutions are best suited for companies of all sizes and industries to ensure a smooth and effective optimization of business operations.

Rem Darbinyan, SmartClick’s CEO and founder, outlines the company’s path forward to create the most innovative AI technologies that will help companies meet various business challenges with maximum productivity and lower expenses.

SmartClick’s APIs Are Here To Reshape Business Automation Processes

According to the Infosys CEO report, significant numbers of senior decision-makers (76%) agree that AI is a very important factor for the success of their company’s strategy. They report that their business has benefited from the automation of processes (46%), cost savings (44%), increased productivity (44%), and they anticipate a boost in revenue (39%).

Along with such growing importance of AI technologies, SmartClick develops AI-powered APIs to help companies adapt to these evolving tech landscapes and gain a competitive advantage.

Logo Detection technology allows brands to automatically check the frequency their logos are displayed on social media platforms and how they appear. With this information, companies who have banner ads promoting the company can analyze their marketing efforts, determine brand awareness, and can also evaluate a campaign’s ROI by analyzing any media coverage of a sponsored event.

Helmet Detection API enables automatic detection and recognition of safety helmets on construction sites to ensure safety. Using this API is an effective solution to decrease the risks of accidents on construction sites.

Scene Classification and analysis technology finds the apparent location of the scene in an image or video. The model recognizes the environment immediately, checking whether it is an indoor or outdoor space, and groups the scene according to categories and attributes.

NSFW Images Classification automatically identifies any not-safe-for-work (NSFW) content in an image with maximum accuracy and speed. With this API, companies can easily detect any distracting and harmful content and make sure their platform is safe of any NSFW content.

Face Detection is a technology detecting the existence and location of faces in an image or video. Face detection API is highly reliable and detects human faces in different applications with maximum accuracy. Face detection may help companies streamline employee time and attendance monitoring, access management, public safety across different sectors, as well as provide more personalized customer experiences.

License plate detection technology recognizes vehicle number plates in an image or video. Integrating this technology gives the possibility to keep track of vehicles entering or leaving the territory. This is especially useful for vehicle management operations, such as parking control, toll collection, access control, traffic monitoring, and security.

Eye Tracking and Gaze Detection API’s main function is to monitor a direction where a user is looking and identify how people process visual information. The technology can be integrated into a large variety of industries, including psychology, market research, entertainment, security, medical diagnoses, and many more.

SmartClick’s all above-mentioned APIs have a FREE forever plan, letting users try any of these APIs for free without providing credit card details.

In line with the rapid growth of the API market and with more companies adopting API-based business automation solutions, SmartClick plans to move further to expand its innovative technologies and help companies take their business process automation to the next level.

About SmartClick

SmartClick was established in 2018 by Rem Darbinyan and Vahan Margaryan, with a core mission to help companies transform their businesses, bringing the best technical solutions to them and opening up entirely new kinds of opportunities.

In particular, SmartClick uses next-generation technologies to build Machine Learning & AI Solutions dedicated to helping organizations automate and enhance business processes.

As a deep tech company specialized in AI solutions, SmartClick creates innovative AI technologies, including visual detection, object tracking, segmentation, quality control, and many more, which can be customized for different requirements and specific business goals.

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