Stratio, Inc. Partners With NIPA for All-New Advanced AI Vision System

AI Vision System to Provide Infringement Detection Against Similar Products of Registered Designs

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Stratio, Inc., a company that develops infrared technologies to enhance public safety, announced today their work with South Korea’s National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA). Together they have created a first-of-its kind app that detects design infringements. The app instantly matches photos of suspected items to similar designs from an intellectual property (IP) database to obtain a similarity score. This is possible through a complex backend which utilizes several of Stratio’s imaging technologies, including algorithms for object detection, image retrieval, and report generation.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), over 1.3 million applications for new industrial designs were filed globally in 2020. Unfortunately, shipments of unauthorized copies using similar if not identical designs inevitably end up at borders requiring an unlimited amount of time and resources to detect properly and process.

“Using visible imaging technology with the help of AI is an important milestone in our technology roadmap,” explains James Lee, Co-founder and CEO of Stratio, Inc. “In terms of what’s next for Stratio, Inc., we plan to merge this AI capability with our upcoming shortwave infrared (SWIR) camera BeyonSense® to visualize the invisible, and open up a new world of possibilities using our proprietary SWIR image sensor.”

This is how it works, border inspectors begin by using the app to take a picture of a suspected item. Similar registered designs are then presented, each with a similarity score generated using the app’s AI. Inspectors can then judge any possible cases and access further information in the app including contacts for IP owners and registration details.

The technology solves a key obstacle when evaluating design infringement cases, which is to visually determine the similarity between a suspected infringement and a registered copy in a more efficient manner than ever before. Without access to this AI technology, inspectors must first match the product with a registered design and manually assess these cases in court proceedings. With this new technology, users can utilize the objective score based on proven algorithms to come to a justified conclusion and required next steps. IP owners now have a weapon against design infringement offences to prevent possible infringements.

Both Stratio, Inc. and NIPA are aiming for this technology to be the first in a line of new applications powered by AI that can solve the complex issues found at borders. To learn more about Stratio, please visit To learn more about the upcoming BeyonSense SWIR camera, please visit and to learn about NIPA, please visit

About Stratio, Inc.

Stratio, Inc. is an AI and sensor company designing and creating portable infrared solutions as part of its mission to bring infrared vision to the mass market. Stratio has sold LinkSquare®, a smart handheld spectrometer to create applications using machine learning algorithms to customers in 30+ countries and will soon release BeyonSense®, the world’s first smartphone-compatible SWIR camera. Founded in 2013, Stratio has offices in the US, South Korea, and Slovenia. Learn more at:

About NIPA

The National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) is a specialized South Korean government agency pioneering South Korea’s ICT innovations for the future. NIPA engages in a variety of initiatives to raise national competitiveness and secure growth engines for the future through convergence of software (including AI, VR/AR, 5G, and cloud computing) into conventional industries.


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