Tesonet Accelerator invests in Yours App – an all-rounder wellness app for the modern world

VILNIUS, Lithuania, Dec. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Yours App, a UK-based wellness startup, has raised a pre-Series A round from Tesonet, an international cybersecurity company and startup accelerator. Distinguishing itself by its holistic approach, Yours App seeks to become a comprehensive digital assistant that helps users improve their wellbeing. In addition to funds that will help scale the product, Tesonet is providing the startup with its know-how in software development, marketing, sales and more.

During the pandemic, Tesonet had started looking for the best mindfulness product to offer the 2000+ members of its ever-expanding family. After testing dozens of solutions, it came across Yours App, an innovative UK-based startup that blends professionally created content for healthier mind and body in one easy-to-use app. Impressed by the quality of the app and a strong message of self-love, diversity and acceptance delivered through its exclusive content, the co-founder of Tesonet Tomas Okmanas saw its potential to become a market leader.

“Our decision to invest in Yours App should come as no surprise,” explains Tomas Okmanas. “Although Tesonet is mainly known in the cybersecurity space, we also work with growth-scale startups across multiple industries. Wellness is one of the areas we want to explore, as mental health and personal well-being deserve more attention in our fast-paced world.”

Yours App already has a firm foundation when it comes to its product, thanks to the hard work of its highly experienced team. The company is led by entrepreneur Janette Daubare, who is well-versed in customer experience – a key element of building subscription-based services. 

“The wellness space is a crowded one, and to excel, you need to grow fast,” the co-founder and CEO of Yours App explains. “Knowing the astonishing track record of Tesonet Accelerator, I’m looking forward to their help in improving our product, maximizing our marketing efforts and finding better ways of serving our clients across the world.” 

According to Janette, as an investor, Tesonet brings much more than just money to the table. As competent software developers, the company will be sharing its extensive know-how to take Yours App to the top of its category. In addition to supporting development and digital marketing, Tesonet will be helping Janette’s team to navigate the world of B2B sales and corporate wellness. It will also unlock the app’s experimental features to its own 2000+ strong community, turning Tesonet into one big sandbox. 

“At Tesonet, we’re geeky about meaningful tech, and wellbeing is an area where tech can be especially impactful,” says Tesonet’s co-founder Eimantas Sabaliauskas. “And just like in medicine, to truly work, the approach has to be personalised and tailored to the person’s specific needs. Yours App already has this approach ingrained in its product, and with our assistance, it’ll be able to help millions around the world.” 

Yours App’s intention is to curate the best programme for its subscribers, based on their personal habits and needs. Users can choose from various categories, including guided meditation, sleep stories, yoga routines and music composed specifically for mindfulness experiences. These are complemented by expertly crafted videos featuring renowned psychologists, physiotherapists and wellness experts. 

The content featured on Yours App has been created by leading professionals in their field. A host of well-respected actors and celebrities, such as Spice Girl Mel B, doctor and TV presenter Dr. Ranj, among others, have lent their voices to the app’s relaxing sleep stories. They also offer insights into their own wellbeing journeys. 

Since its successful launch in 2021, Yours App has gone from strength to strength. With the backing of Tesonet, the company is now looking forward to exponential growth in 2022. The year will be kicked off with a drive to collaborate with businesses that can benefit real time assessments of their employees’ wellbeing. Plans are also afoot to launch Spanish-language content and a desktop application in 2022. 

As it grows, Yours App will continue to support various public organisations. In 2021, the company offered NHS employees free subscriptions of the app and it is looking forward to working with more charitable organisations. 

About Tesonet

Tesonet is behind the world’s leading cybersecurity solutions provider Nord Security, the recently launched customer success company CyberCare, and other successful cybersecurity products. The company has a 2000+ strong community involved in tens of projects. Tesonet is also an active investor in startups, and its investment portfolio includes Hostinger, CAST AI, Whatagraph, Eneba, Turing College, and other fast-growing companies.

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