The #CCC: A Community Helping People Break Free

CLEMMONS, NC / ACCESSWIRE / December 27, 2021 / Success coaching seems like an oversaturated industry on the onset, but there’s still a big gap. So many people today understand how essential success principles around mindset, accountability, and collaboration are, but committing to and executing them isn’t as intuitive to people as most would want yet. That’s why Kebie Whitehead created the #CCC, a community committed to accountability and collaboration.

The idea for #CCC stands on three core values- community, collaboration, commitment. The Kebie Whitehead Coaching Group believes that these three values are what people lack most on their journey to success. Accordingly, that’s what the exclusive membership community has provided. As a result, many of its members have seen results and are quick to share the outcomes with others. “I feel so blessed to have a community to share the same passion for knowledge, growth and inspiration, and a desire to help people.” Wanda Kyle

Please add “I have paid thousands of dollars for training, and no one has ever taught me the HOW to, until I found Kebie’s CCC training and community.” Nicole Conner

“I am truly blessed to be in this community CCC with Coach Kebie.” Jane Garvison

“Features online are always changing! You need a trainer and coach in the field who is actually doing the work and using the features, so they can keep you up to speed. That is what the CCC community and coaches do! Kebie is a Coach who does the work she shows me how to do.” Cheryl Lewis

“Without the CCC community, I would still be stuck staring at my computer screen.” Lei Cubi

“The CCC Community and reading Coach Kebie’s book “Breaking Free” will help someone improve their spirit and mind so they can be a better human.” Darrell Price

The life coaching industry has been around for quite a while now, and its demand has been climbing with time. But more people are turning towards this new format where closed groups help each other. What these membership circles have been able to provide is a missing link that can turn information transfer into life transformation. There’s no questioning the amount of inspirational content and knowledge that people now have at the tip of their fingers. The digital age has given everyone access to daily motivation. But without proper accountability structures, skills are never applied , and people stay stuck staring at their computer screens, and never become anything more than a scroller online.

That’s why Coach Kebie Whitehead, the founder of the #CCC circle, created the coaching group. Fueled by a mission to help people break free from what holds them back from their dreams and goals, the coach and her organization have influenced many people in the process. Kebie started out in network marketing, reaching six-figure income before turning to the coaching industry. Through that new venture, she would begin impacting thousands of people’s lives in the process.

Today, one of the most crucial parts of their practice has been the #CCC program. People in the program have started businesses, increased their revenue, gotten out of debt, moved away from past traumas, conquered fears, and taken leaps of faith. But, for the program’s founder, this is just the beginning. Kebie believes that there’s more room to grow over the next few years.

Kebie Whitehead Coaching also works in the social media marketing industry, providing a training program called “Reboot.” The workshop is a six-week intensive that provides a layered learning experience for optimal growth. Through it, business owners have learned all the best practices that help grow a social media brand and implement strategies to turn a social media following into a lead-generation machine.

Kebie also likes to teach topics around mindset, life freedom, personal relationships, self-care, health, and spiritual growth. The coaching institution now has over ten programs for its clients and intends to add more over the next few years.


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