The New 2022 Lineup From Polaris Slingshot Empowers Drivers to Make Their Mark With a Next-Level Driving Experience

Slingshot’s New 2022 Lineup Enables Drivers to Define Their Own Style & Create Their Own Journey Like Never Before

  • Slingshot Bolsters Lineup with Reintroduction of Popular SLR Model
  • All-New Vented Sport Hood Adds Aggressive, One-of-a-Kind Styling While Improving Aerodynamics & Cockpit Airflow
  • New Excursion Top Provides Owners with a Factory Accessory Option at a Competitive Price Point
  • Brembo® Brakes Now Standard on R Models & Available as Upgrade Kit for S, SL & SLR

MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nothing on the road compares. Each one is as unique as its driver. Polaris Slingshot, the show-stopping, adventure-seeking three-wheel vehicle, today announced its 2022 model year lineup. Featuring four trim levels and countless accessory options that enhance the drive, style and sound, the 2022 Slingshot lineup offers endless personalization options that empower owners to make their mark.

“There’s no wrong way to enjoy a Slingshot. Whether attracting attention with head-turning styling or escaping for an adventure, nothing on the road allows drivers to make their mark more than a Slingshot,” said Chris Sergeant, Polaris Slingshot Vice President. “We’re excited to bring SLR back to expand the Slingshot lineup and provide our owners even more personalization opportunities with thrilling new factory accessories.”

Fusing style and excitement with limitless personalization opportunities, the 2022 Slingshot lineup empowers drivers to make their mark by defining their ride and choosing their own adventure. Headlining the 2022 model year news is the reintroduction of the SLR, the all-new Vented Sport Hood, a stylish new Excursion Top, and premium Brembo®Brakes.

New for 2022


Blending style with performance, the Slingshot SLR model sits between the show-stopping SL and top-of-the-line R model. Featuring the critically acclaimed ProStar four-cylinder engine with 203 horsepower and a sporty exterior two-tone paint scheme, the SLR delivers unrivaled style for the driver looking to turn heads without sacrificing premium amenities like Slingshot’s Sport Interior Package, and seven-inch display powered by RIDE COMMAND.

Vented Sport Hood

Slingshot’s all-new Vented Sport Hood adds aggressive, one-of-a-kind styling while improving aerodynamics and cockpit airflow via vented fenders and hood scoop. The Vented Sport Hood is made with an all-new durable fiberglass composite material – delivering a premium fit and finish. While stock on the 2022 R model, the Vented Sport Hood is available as an accessory upgrade in a solid color or in any stock graphic package for all 2020-2022 models.

Excursion Top

For 2022, Slingshot has expanded its accessory top offerings with the introduction of the all-new Excursion Top. At $1,799.99, the new Excursion Top has an integrated toolless install and removal soft top with improved driver headroom and visibility. The Excursion Top provides a second top option for Slingshot owners and is exclusive to 2022 models.

Brembo® Brakes

Providing unrivaled stopping power, the four-piston Brembo®brakes will come standard on all 2022 R models and be available as an upgrade kit for all other models. Available in red or orange, the Brembo®front brake rotors are 14% larger than the standard front brakes rotors and feature fixed calipers.

Make Your Mark: Accessory Collections

Designed to inspire personalization, Slingshot offers four thoughtfully curated accessory collections that dramatically enhance the Slingshot experience for the driver’s personal preference and driving style. Owners looking to take their drive to the next level can do so with the Slingshot Drive Series, while adventure-seekers can pack for the long haul and ride in comfort with the Escape Series. The Slingshot Show Series and Design Series curate the ultimate head-turning accessories that allow drivers to design their own ride with accessories. Each accessory is sold individually – delivering endless possibilities for owners to mix and match to truly make their mark.


Elevate your driving experience. Slingshot’s Drive Series was curated to celebrate driving as a hobby, not a necessity. Improved aerodynamics and cockpit airflow from the Vented Sport Hood allow drivers to go the extra mile, while the new Excursion Top and Heated and Cooled Seats add premium comfort. AutoDrive drivers can take control with paddle shifters and increase performance by an additional 25 horsepower with the Stage 1 ProStar Tune. Additional parts that complete this collection include the Slingshot Clear Intake, AutoDrive Dead Pedal, and new Ripper Ventilated Wind Deflector.


The longer the ride, the bigger the fun. Introducing the Escape Series – designed to empower drivers to conquer the open road with upgrades to keep both driver and passenger comfortable. The all-new Excursion Top provides protection from the elements, while innovative Heated and Cooled Seats improve comfort in warm or cool weather. In addition, several storage options, including an all-new Roll Hoop Storage Bag and a Center Console Bag, Side Storage, Dashboard Bags and Overnight Driver and Passenger Bags provide plenty of options to pack appropriately for a long weekend getaway.


Bring your sound and light show center stage. The Slingshot Show Series delivers everything drivers and passengers want and love from a live show. The Slingshot Stage 3 Roll Hoop Audio Kit by Rockford Fosgate® packs even more energy and delivers crystal-clear sound while cruising city streets or open roads. In addition, the Show Series features a Premium Interior Lighting Kit by XKGlow®, which allows owners to outfit the interior of their Slingshot with six LED lights and LED light pods in various locations. With the mobile Slingshot LED app, owners can simultaneously set two different light zones to any color and choreograph the lights while music plays.


Only you can create the perfect ride. The Slingshot Design Series inspires personalization through customization. Every ride in a Slingshot is an opportunity for drivers to stand out and showcase their personality. Featuring the Slingshade top, Vented Sport Hood and countless color-matched parts, the Design Series inspires personal touch and attention to detail. Additional accessories within the Design Series include the following: Blacked Out Badge Kit, Low Tinted Ripper Wind Deflector, Painted Front Grille, Hoop Accent, Painted Belt Guard, color-matched Rear Fender, and Upper and Lower Accent Kits.

2022 Lineup

Pricing and color availability for the 2022 model lineup are as follows:

Slingshot S

The Slingshot S serves as a blank canvas ready for personalization, and in 2022 is available in Ghost Gray in both a manual (MSRP $19,999; MSRP $20,299 in California) and AutoDrive (MSRP $21,749; MSRP $22,049 in California).

Slingshot S with Technology Package 1

Owners looking to take their S model to the next level can opt for Technology Package 1, which includes a 100-watt Rockford Fosgate® audio system with a 2.7-inch display, speaker pods and Rockford Fosgate® tweeters in the dash. Technology Package 1 also upgrades the S models with the vehicle security package and a standard Ripper Series Clear Wind Deflector to improve comfort. S with Technology Package 1 is available in Ghost Gray and Slingshot Red in a manual (MSRP $22,799; MSRP $22,799 in California) and AutoDrive (MSRP $24,549; MSRP $24,549 in California).

Slingshot SL

Delivering next-level styling is the Slingshot SL. The SL delivers enhanced features, including additional style components, premium finishes, a 100-watt Rockford Fosgate® audio system and the seven-inch touchscreen display powered by RIDE COMMAND. 2022 SL models are available in Slingshot Red Pearl, Ultra Blue and Moonlight Metallic White in both a manual (MSRP $25,999; MSRP $26,299 in California; MSRP $32,999 CAD) and AutoDrive (MSRP $27,749; MSRP $28,049 in California; MSRP $35,199 CAD).

Slingshot SLR

Loaded with style and comfort, the 2022 SLR features gloss and matte finishes, premium sport seats and multi-tone paint with full body graphics. 2022 SLR models are available in Forged Orange in both a manual (MSRP $28,899; MSRP $29,199 in California; MSRP $36,799 CAD) and AutoDrive (MSRP $30,649; MSRP $30,949 in California; MSRP $38,999 CAD).

Slingshot R

The Slingshot R will turn-heads with its enhanced, bold paint scheme, premium features and one-of-a-kind style. The Slingshot R packs the 203-horsepower ProStar engine, Brembo®painted front calipers, paddle shifters (AutoDrive only), and the seven-inch touchscreen display powered by RIDE COMMAND with turn-by-turn navigation, connected services, and Apple CarPlay®. 2022 R models are available in Pacific Teal Fade and Midnight Storm Fade, in both manual (MSRP $32,499; MSRP $32,799 in California; MSRP $40,999 CAD) and AutoDrive (MSRP $34,499; MSRP $34,799 in California; MSRP $43,499 CAD).

Shipping to dealers in early 2022, consumers can learn more about the 2022 lineup at

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