The Todd Hessert Label and Xiaomi Civi: Fashion Can Be Sustainable

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 6, 2021 / The average woman owns seven pairs of jeans, with men right behind them with six. This may seem inconsequential until you learn that to grow the cotton required for just one pair, 1,800 gallons of water are used – about ten years of drinking water for one person. Those numbers point to the larger impact on the environment by fashion, an industry that accounts for around 10% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions and 20% of wastewater. These facts present all of us with a problem: what can be done to lessen the impact of fashion on our water supplies and emissions while acknowledging that to a very real extent, the industry will always be necessary? The Todd Hessert Label and consumer electronics and smart manufacturing company Xiaomi believe they have the answer: virtual fashion.

The Problem of Fashion and the Environment

The trends in fashion represent a person’s desire to have a wardrobe that expresses their individuality, yet this potentially factors into the industry’s environmental impact. Depending on who you ask, a pair of jeans can last 8 months or ten years, with a shirt’s lifespan just as varied. If a person only had one pair of jeans or a few shirts, the amount of water used to produce their wardrobe would most likely be less. However, with the common desire to express who they are, many people fill their closets with the latest styles collected season after season, adding to the amount of water used each year to manufacture clothes. What can be done, then, to fulfill the public’s desire to see and experience beautiful, unique clothing in a way that reduces the usage of our water supplies as a result of clothing production?

Virtual Fashion: Xiaomi Civi and the Todd Hessert Label’s Solution

Virtual fashion is becoming increasingly popular, especially as the metaverse and its technology that will make the Internet experience three-dimensional become the focus of engineers. Xiaomi Civi and the Todd Hessert Label believe that the trend in the fashion industry is for metahumans, virtual scenes, and virtual clothing and that this represents a key opportunity for designers and technology experts to help to make the fashion industry safer for the environment.

To that end, Xiaomi Civi and the Todd Hessert Label partnered to present a virtual fashion show on October 28. The cellphone company is known for its incorporation of baby-pink in its products, and the color was featured prominently in the show, which depicted “Futureland.” The focus was a pink sky, planet, desert, and lake, all designed using digital technology. The goal, the Todd Hessert Label says, was to present viewers with hyper-realistic tech scenes that portrayed a future that intertwined science fiction and gentleness.

Both companies believe that more virtual fashion shows will be on the horizon. Xiaomi Civi says, “With the possibilities of the metaverse, there is a key opportunity for the industry to explore new ways to present fashion to enthusiasts while lessening the impact it has on the global environment. As technology is developed every day, creators around the world will be able to explore their imaginations and create even more compelling designs.”

The Todd Hessert Label states, “We look forward to seeing how the metaverse will enhance the industry’s ability to bring fashion shows to those who love clothes as much as we do.”

The Future of the Fashion Industry in a Virtual World

Both Xiaomi Civi and the Todd Hessert Label believe that virtual fashion will continue to develop alongside technology. Perhaps there will come a day when instead of viewing a fashion show from in front of our computers, we will be able to enter the metaverse and immerse ourselves in it as if we are actually there, watching models strut down the catwalk. That, the Todd Hessert Label says, will be a win for the environment.

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