THE TROLLER: Revolutionizing the World of NFTs in Bringing the First Vote & Earn NFT Competition

Dubai, United Arab Emirates–(Newsfile Corp. – December 3, 2021) – THE TROLLER offers the most complete ecosystem combining artists, NFTs, competition, fun, sponsors, NFT collectors, blockchain ecommerce & rewards for all.

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Figure 1: THE TROLLER revolutionizing the world of NFTs in bringing the First Vote & Earn NFT Competition

The full ecosystem makes THE TROLLER attractive and promising. After a lot of noises in the market, THE TROLLER gained respect and attention through all of its activities, namely attending various prestigious events around the world to present the project, winning awards, holding daily AMAs, engaging constantly in daily video chats round the clock, keeping the community platform buzzing 24/7, signing many partnerships, launching the biggest Twitter & YouTube campaign in NFT and many more.

Over and above all of this, one of the products within the ecosystem which gained a lot of attention is THE TROLLER First Vote & Earn NFT Competition, where all NFT Artists can compete to win big awards via the community voting system that will allow users to make passive income just from voting on their preferred NFTs.

THE TROLLER is the first bridge between big brands and NFT artists/community via the exclusive sponsored events. A very first in NFT.

So, instead of brands making an NFT with a single artist and that’s it, there is a full month event organized with all THE TROLLER registered artists competing through multiple selection rounds voted by the NFT community, in order to create the top three NFT works of art for that particular brand. In addition to the revolutionary ecommerce platform, THE TROLLER will be metamorphosing NFT artists into famous brands. There will be the same NFTs printed on t-shirts with RFID chips (Radio Frequency Identification) that can be verified through the blockchain. Users can buy a t-shirt designed & signed by an NFT artist with a digital identity to check the authenticity of the product.

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 Figure 2: THE TROLLER revolutionizing the world of NFTs in bringing the First Vote & Earn NFT Competition

For the first Vote & Earn NFT Competition, the artists prizes include:

1st prize – 1 Bitcoin
2nd prize – $10,000
3rd prize – $5,000

The competition starts early December 2021. 

THE TROLLER, an awesome ecosystem

THE TROLLER’s awesome ecosystem combining artists, NFTs, competition, championship, fun, entertainment, NFT collectors and rewards, is a very first and an amazing fit.

Furthermore, not only is THE TROLLER the first competition NFT marketplace with tournament-style gaming but it is dedicated to themed troll and meme NFTs, bringing talented NFT artists to compete in order to create the best NFT Troll /Meme for the chosen Guest and win prizes for the top winners.

How does it work?

  • THE TROLLER himself is the first guest & the Community will vote for the upcoming guests.
  • All NFT artists will submit their NFT art related to the invited guest and the community will vote for the pre-selections and select the top 100 NFTs to be listed on the platform for voting elimination rounds.
  • Once the community has voted for the best NFT Troll in all rounds, the top 3 winners will get big rewards.
  • In addition, all community members are offered a passive income source, simply by voting in all competition stages in order to be eligible for the 20% commissions from all NFTs sold in the platform which will be paid in BNB.
  • THE TROLLER ensures attracting the best NFT artists in the world and with the expected growth of the platform and popularity gained in the NFT space, the total value of the art that would be sold on the platform will reach millions. So, the 20% that gets distributed to all community voters could be worth a lot too.
  • In addition, big sponsors will be attracted at each event, which enables bigger rewards for the top 3 and maybe even for top 10.

What is the Competition Flow over 1 Month?

1. Receive NFT Applications – 2 weeks
2. NFTs Pre-Selections (Top Voted) – 1 week
3. First Round Top 100 (1-vs-1) – 24hrs
4. Second Round Top 50 (1-vs-1) – 24hrs
5. Semi-Final Top 25 (Top Voted) – 24hrs
6. Final Top 10 (Top Voted) – 24hrs
7. Announce Top 3 Winners
8. The TROLLER Museum opening
9. Sales 24hrs Early Access (The TROLLER NFT Holders)
10. Open NFT trading for all

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