Yanique DaCosta Explains How Hiring a Graphic Designer Can Help Your Business Stand Out

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / December 29, 2021 / Conveying the right image for your business is crucial. Now that social media is a necessary part of advertising, people are under the assumption that they can build a brand, advertise, and influence buyers all on their own. With all the tools like Canva available online, you might be asking yourself why you should even bother investing in a graphic designer.

Design Strategy

Building a recognizable brand is not DIY. For one, the graphic design industry is competitive. For a brand to stand out and be successful, you need an expert graphic designer who knows the ins and outs of marketing, brand development, and customer acquisition. Yes, you can attempt design on your own, but in the end, hiring a graphic designer will help you manage your time and energy and save you money.

Graphic design is more than a logo or an image. The art of graphic design is constantly evolving with numerous advances in tools and techniques. Some examples include a user interface (UI), publication graphic design, graphic design for print, and more.

“Experienced graphic designers use current research and industry trends to create marketing strategies that get more eyes on your brand,” Yanique DaCosta, a graphic designer with her own firm, YKMD, explains.

Professional Support

Yes, free online design tools are available, making it easier to create personalized, quality content, but to truly stay ahead of competitors in the marketplace, you’ve got to get creative with your brand direction. Without expert experience, the simple tasks associated with creating and delivering graphics become stressful and time-consuming.

We can be pretty judgemental as consumers and first impressions are lasting. The graphical representation of a brand is the first thing a potential client will see. Whether it’s a business card, a website, a flyer, a social media post, or product packaging, we make decisions and purchases based on how these things make us feel about a product.

Business owners who try to cut corners or create graphics themselves often become frustrated with the outcome. “Consumers can immediately tell that the work is not professional, which leads potential customers to believe that your business isn’t capable of delivering a quality product or service,” DaCosta explains. Graphic designers also serve as branding protectors. Businesses need various marketing materials for different services, each requiring a different look. The goal is to have all your creative content conform to a unified brand.

Potential customers research businesses before deciding on which product or services best fits their needs. Applying graphics that accurately communicate your brand’s story creates a connection between you and your ideal customer, helping to solidify the relationship on the first step of their customer journey.

Graphics visually represent a brand’s ability to solve problems using specific products, services, or advice. A designer will evaluate your marketing priorities to help you reach your business goals. Design decisions like font choice and color scheme can help you deliver your messages with both feeling and clarity in a way that supports your brand’s message.`

Digital Marketing

The process doesn’t stop there, though. YKMD graphic designers help businesses effectively plan and choose advertising that aligns with their budget. “Investing in a website with graphics and providing information about the services doesn’t automatically guarantee business traffic,” DaCosta explains.

You still need consumers to find you. Investing in paid advertising, staying active on social media, creating unique content, creating a helpful industry tool, and other strategic plans will also attract business.

With over twelve years of experience in brand development, Yanique DaCosta currently sits on the Executive Board of the Graphic Artists Guild, where she was elected National Treasurer by the organization’s membership. She is also the International Council of Design delegate, representing the Guild and sharing ideas with designers at varying international conferences and meetups.

She is an acknowledged contributor in the 15th and 16th editions of the Graphic Artists Guild’s Handbook: Pricing and Ethical Guidelines, a national reference book for professional graphic artists and agencies.

For more information, email: Yani@theykmd.com p.(305) 570- 2396


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