Dark Frontiers Sells Out All Lower Tier NFT Spacesuits in Under 20 Minutes

Tallinn, Estonia–(Newsfile Corp. – January 4, 2022) – Dark Frontiers sells out all lower tier NFT spacesuits in under 20 minutes. Intrepid crypto-nauts wasted no time in getting their own unique virtual spacesuits when Dark Frontiers highly anticipated NFT release went live. Available exclusively from Binance NFT, one of the leading NFT markets, these limited-edition spacesuits will play a crucial role in $DARK’s deep space exploration game. All fixed price tier 2 and tier 3 spacesuits sold out minutes after the launch.

“We’re stoked that the launch went so well. We knew from the buzz in the community to expect fireworks when we lit the fuse, but selling out both the Alpha and Beta Tiers in under 20 minutes, well that was quick. We know that we set a very high bar for this game in terms of quality, and we can’t wait for the community to experience it all first hand! The state-of-art, soundtrack, art direction and storyline will reflect our motto, gameplay first and blockchain second. As for the spacesuits, you literally can’t survive without one and some of the limited edition suits on offer have serious power ups for the players. The right suit will protect you from attacks, help you move faster and perhaps most important of all will give you a serious advantage in this P2E game. And best of all, you can still bid on a T1 Gamma suit.” Sylvia Savi, CMO and Co-founder of Gamestarter (Dark Frontiers is a Gamestarter Original).

The Dark Frontiers universe is vast and having a reliable suit is the best way to explore it. Obviously, there’s no oxygen in space and of course it’s freezing, so choosing the right suit is likely to make the difference between life and death in the game’s metaverse.

Check out the cinematic game trailer and gameplay livestream here.

Features of the NFT suits vary, but they can have any of the following attributes:

  • Some will allow players to play Dark Frontiers for longer periods of time
  • Others can enhance players’ ability to source and mine minerals and convert them into other assets
  • There are suits with better protection against attack
  • Some are faster allowing the player to be more agile and evasive
  • In the collection, some suits come with additional character traits and stat boosts
  • Some just look amazing

Three tier system

In the collection, there are only 3500 NFT spacesuits to get players’ hands on and these are broken down into three tiers of rarity.


Gamma is the rarest suit and ironically the only tier not to sell out minutes after the collection launched.

  • Only 500 Gamma suits exist
  • These are the strongest and most agile suits in the Dark Frontier’s Universe
  • Each comes with unlimited oxygen, so there’s no limit on playtime
  • Gamma suits each have three skills or attributes chosen at random
  • Each one is a unique design

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Figure 1 – Tier 1: Gamma (1st Generation Limited Edition Only Available On ‘Binance NFT’)


Beta suits are a close second to Gamma suits in the Dark Frontier’s game world and like the Alphas, they sold out in minutes.

  • Only 1000 beta suits exist
  • Beta suits have enhanced protection against enemy attack
  • Each Beta suits features three hours of oxygen for extended playtime
  • Beta suits each have two random skills or attributes chosen at random
  • Every Beta suit is unique

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Figure 2 – Tier 2: Beta (1st Generation Limited Edition Only Available On ‘Binance NFT’)


The Alpha suit is a good allrounder and well suited to space exploration, which is likely why they sold out so fast.

  • Only 2000 Alpha suits exist
  • Alpha suits offer enough protection to help players live another day
  • Each Alpha suit comes with two hours of oxygen / playtime
  • Alpha Suits each have one skill or attribute chosen at random
  • All Alpha suits are unique

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Figure 3 – Tier 3: Alpha (1st Generation Limited Edition Only Available On ‘Binance NFT’)

What is Dark Frontiers?

“Dark Frontiers” is the latest thing in gamified space exploration. It’s the first game by Gamestarter Originals.

In the Dark Frontiers Metaverse, players will use their own NFTs to upgrade and pilot their own spaceships, conquer new worlds, forge alliances, build worlds, and fight for intergalactic dominance in a vast open world.

Dark Frontiers hopes to drive mainstream adoption of NFTs, DeFi, and Gamefi by improving the usability of NFTs through staking, resource ownership, and by creating actual value for virtual assets.

The $DARK Token

The $DARK token, the in, and out of, game currency in Dark Frontiers presents unrivalled opportunities. Serious players could dominate vast tracts of the universe, by owning moons and planets. They can even earn $DARK interest on their digital land and of course they’ll be free to buy, sell, and trade on the free market. The token can also be staked, but players can also buy and upgrade their spaceships using $DARK. Beware though, there are others out there too with the same diabolical plans, namely controlling the galaxy.

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Sylvia Savi, CMO

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