Digital Experience Platform Expresia Launches World-Wide

Expresia empowers organizations, developers, and agencies through powerful SaaS-based tools and workflows to ignite sustainable, future-proof digital transformation and a competitive edge in the digital-first future

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Expresia, the all-in-one SaaS digital experience platform that empowers brands to create inspired future-proof digital assets, is pleased to announce it has officially launched globally for general availability. Expresia is the culmination of more than 15 years of development and real world market use, with a unified vision to empower organizations of any size to build their ideal digital-first future.

Online journeys must be engaging, highly personalised, and omnichannel. Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) have taken off as a solution to these market pressures, but they range widely in price and quality, and rarely deliver a unified approach that is 100% API driven with the power to build real long-term digital equity and IP for their customers.

Expresia empowers everyday businesses of any size to break down barriers and build brand-defining digital products and customer experiences that can scale efficiently and cost effectively from idea to enterprise. Its 100% API-driven architecture frees organizations to completely reframe their approach to digital by potentializing every human experience across all brand touchpoints – including all internal staff and operational interactions.

The COVID-19 Pandemic only highlighted and exacerbated the industry’s need for developing customer-centric strategies to deliver superior direct to customer digital experiences in real time. In fact, the “Agents of Transformation Report” found that “95% of organizations have changed their priorities during the pandemic with 88% of them including digital customer experience in their organizational priorities.

“Expresia is the tool of choice for a seamless digital customer experience since it can be leveraged to deliver fully customized and efficient experiences for every touchpoint of our digital business, both customer-facing and back-office,” said Domenic Sgambelluri, Director of Operations at iCapital Financial Services. “With Expresia we’ve been able to consolidate processes through a seamless collaboration between technical, marketing and business teams to build out the best possible outcome. Furthermore, time and energy invested in building with Expresia results in truly portable functionality and home-grown IP that we can continue building on with complete flexibility and peace of mind.”

Expresia launches with a full suite of tools “out of the box”. Expresia:

  • Seamlessly connects disparate technologies into a unified architecture and user experience that drives efficiency and lowers cost and risk,
  • Empowers users to drive desired business outcomes by providing full visibility of customer behaviour, a native CDP (Customer Data Portal), and the delivery of hyper-personalized experiences through native AI and machine learning capabilities,
  • Offers a fully extensible API allowing organizations the ability to connect with third party tools and legacy applications, ensuring a graceful transition between present and future state, while gaining maximum value from existing or sunk investments.

“What does getting DX right mean? It’s not just about the tech you build in the next 5 years, but that what you build ensures you can continuously transform, pivot, and deliver exceptional customer and stakeholder experiences in real time, while building real and enduring IP that builds real assets on your balance sheet,” said Marc Charalambous, President and CEO of Expresia. “Expresia turns any company into a truly digital organization that can easily deliver unique digital experiences to each and every stakeholder across all brand interactions in real time.”

Expresia also delivers value to address a host of industry challenges and frustrations. It liberates companies from being beholden to a single software provider by creating total transparency across the entire digital ecosystem, delivering complete code visibility and portability, while empowering all players in the organization to participate meaningfully in the DX journey.

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About Expresia
Expresia is an all-In-One SaaS Digital Experience Platform that empowers brands to create future-proof digital assets. From start-up to enterprise, businesses can now invest in a long-term solution that offers a sustainable competitive edge. Expresia de-risks digital transformation, accelerates speed to market and supports continuous iterations. An elegant RESTful API at its core provides an innovative, robust framework that grants developers superpowers through Server Side Javascript. Plus, our flexible out-of-the-box cloud infrastructure with multi-tenant options and a 99.9% uptime SLA offer real peace of mind. As a collaborative hub, Expresia allows developers, content creators, and marketers to streamline processes and deliver powerful, engaging digital experiences to customers. Boost development productivity with our browser-based IDE complete with portable code containers in the Bundle workflow, version control, testing, and branching. Marketers will enjoy headless CMS and visual, no-code content creation, including complex eCommerce functionality to achieve a truly seamless customer journey. Best of all, Expresia is built to play well with the rest of your tech and marketing stacks, providing full visibility and actionable data to empower your decisions. Expresia is the ultimate platform for companies looking to create, build and lead in a digital-first future. To learn more, visit

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