GSM Deal City New Online Startup Offers Cheat Sheet to Record Consumer Inflation and Sustainability

HENDERSON, Nevada–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With US Consumer Inflation at 7% – the biggest rise in almost 40 years – everyone is feeling the squeeze, at the same time everyone is being asked to be more sustainable.

Is it actually possible to prioritise personal finance AND the planet?

Traditionally eco-shopping has always carried a premium price tag. Is there a way to get more bang for your buck and be environmentally friendly? A new start-up is looking to solve that problem, at the right time for consumers and the planet.

Global Sustainable Markets (GSM) has today launched in the US, as it closes its oversubscribed $1m target pre-Seed round, which is topping out at over $1.5m, with Silicon Valley Venture Capital backing.

GSM scours the global clearance markets for the best product deals, to pass on to their customers as an online clearance outlet.

GSM Deal City has Oculus VR Meta Headsets, which are retailing for $399, available at the GSM Deal City price of $225 and Nintendo Switch games consoles, retailing at $299, available for $230.

Bargain hunters are able to save up to 70% off normal retail prices on a vast range of products, from tech and toys through to sports, clothing and general merchandise, all with home delivery. The firm has secured $20 million in retail product value for online clearance sale to make it the biggest global launch of a circular economy e-commerce start-up.

The startup is the brainchild of Founder Sheldon Miller, who has spent the last 20 years in the global secondary market, as a Marketing and Business Development Director helping to build a traditional family auction business into the largest general goods online auction house network in the UK.

With a greater focus on sustainability, AI and a full e-commerce platform suite, Sheldon and his team aim to build GSM into the circular economy global innovation leader.

The US landfilled 37.4 million tonnes of durable products (25.6% of all landfilled volumes) in 2018, the most recent available figures on record with the United States Federal Environment Protection Agency (EPA).*

Landfills not only generate waste but can also develop into super emitters of greenhouse gasses.

Sheldon Miller, Chief Executive Officer for GSM Holdings, said, “Consumers can shop with GSM knowing that not only are they saving clearance products from landfill, but they are also shopping with a company that is zero waste AND carbon negative.

“It should not cost the Earth to be sustainable and should come with choice. That is what GSM provides to the regular consumer – guilt free shopping: sustainability, savings, choice and convenience – all on one platform.

“For every tonne of carbon GSM emits directly or indirectly through inbound and outbound delivery of stock, we have a double down policy to capture two tonnes of carbon through offset and reduction; this includes seed and tree planting. GSM is the World’s first carbon negative e-commerce platform. GSM is a 21st Century conscious consumer win-win.”

GSM is the first start up to have its own ESG Analyst at pre-Seed stage, tracking all company and company supplier related emissions for carbon negative ESG strategy impact.

GSM’s e-commerce buy now platform can be found at:



Global Sustainable Markets was founded in 2021 during the global pandemic and has operations which span the globe with staff located in:

United States:

  • San Diego, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Denver, CO
  • El Paso, TX
  • Santa Fe, NM
  • Jersey City, NJ

Europe & Middle East:

  • London, UK
  • Monchengladbach, Germany
  • Dubai, UAE

The GSM start-up was developed by Founder Sheldon Miller and the GSM Team solely over Zoom and Teams video calls over a 10-month period across 7 global time zones.


Alix Duchouquette

Mithoff Burton Partners

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