Infinitum Electric Introduces Ultra High-Efficiency Motors for the Canadian Market

Air-core motors purpose-built for Canada deliver breakthrough efficiencies and simplify design for HVAC fan, pump and general purpose applications

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Infinitum Electric, creator of the breakthrough air-core motor, today announced at the 2022 AHR Expo a new product line specifically built to support Canadian HVAC fan, pump and general purpose applications.

The new product line is an extension of Infinitum Electric’s IEs Series motors and will be available in the 575V, 5-15 horsepower range in 2H 2022. With the addition of the Canadian products, Infinitum Electric is delivering the most comprehensive range of power and frame sizes for the North American HVAC market. The IEs Series offers 10 percent more efficiency and IoT capabilities in a package that is 50 percent lighter and smaller, and significantly quieter than traditional motors.

To date, Canadian HVAC applications requiring 575V power have largely relied on suboptimal motor configurations due to a lack of focus on the specific needs of the Canadian market. HVAC applications have therefore used either an EC motor and a transformer to convert power, which adds costs and reduces overall efficiency, or a conventional, lower efficiency AC induction motor and VFD.

Having a motor designed specifically for Canada greatly simplifies our engineering process and will ultimately help us deliver better products,” said Larry Hopkins, chief technology officer, XNRGY. “Infinitum Electric’s integrated motor and VFD gives us the breakthrough levels of efficiency our customers want, while its smaller size and light weight open new possibilities for our development team.”

Infinitum Electric’s advancements in motor efficiency have the potential to spur innovation and reduce energy demand in Canadian HVAC and pump applications,” said Ivan Campos, research analyst, Omdia. “As supply chain issues continue, Infinitum Electric’s simple motor design, materials and PCB stator technology make it easier to source, produce and assemble motors close to their target market, reducing lead times.”

We’re excited to expand our footprint and bring our proven IEs Series product line to Canada,” said Ben Schuler, founder and chief executive officer, Infinitum Electric. “We look forward to working with product manufacturers who are looking to achieve new levels of sustainability for fan, pump and general purpose applications.”

Infinitum Electric is exhibiting its full range of motors for HVAC fan and pump applications during the AHR Expo in Las Vegas Jan. 31-Feb. 2, 2022 at booth C6103, where attendees will be able to speak with company experts on designing products for greater efficiency, reliability and productivity.

About Infinitum Electric

Infinitum Electric has raised the bar for a new generation of motor that is better for the planet and people. The company’s patented air-core motors offer superior performance in half the weight and size, at a fraction of the carbon footprint of traditional motors, making them pound for pound the most efficient in the world. Infinitum Electric motors open up sustainable design possibilities for the machines we rely on to be smaller, lighter and quieter, improving our quality of life while also saving energy. Based in Austin, Texas, Infinitum Electric is led by a team of industry experts and pioneers. To learn more, visit


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