Infovista launches Planet Cloud bringing unparalleled scalability and automation to 5G network planning and optimization

Cloud-native, AI-powered RF planning engine now available to help mobile operators make network-wide 5G RAN planning decisions

Paris, France – Thursday 20th January 2022 – Infovista, the global leader in network lifecycle automation (NLA), today announced Planet Cloud, delivering the RF planning and optimization algorithms of its award-winning Planet solution in a cloud-native, API-based application to bring unparalleled scalability and automation. This allows operators to dynamically scale 4G and 5G network models to the size of whole countries, as well as provide automated network planning services within workflows such as nationwide coverage and throughput analyses, as well as nationwide optimizations.

Using Planet’s state-of-the-art modelling and AI/ML-powered automated mobile network planning algorithms, the cloud-native architecture of Planet Cloud means it can be easily deployed in any public, private or hybrid cloud environment. This delivers the high availability, openness and interoperability and dynamic scalability that allows operators to not only have detailed insights into their nationwide networks, but also integrate network planning into other workflows and processes throughout the network lifecycle. The cloud-native planning engine can be accessed using the Planet desktop application, lightweight web-based UI, or from 3rd party applications via the API such as utilized by Rakuten Mobile.

Planet Cloud brings automation capabilities at scale to mobile operators and vendors to improve radio network design quality, roll out next generation networks faster and, ultimately, improve network CAPEX and OPEX efficiency.

“The scale of the network challenge facing operators is already significant, and only increasing. Whether it is building-out a nationwide network beyond initial city deployments, understanding how to dynamically share 4G and 5G spectrum or maximizing the effectiveness of the latest RF technologies, operators need to be able to draw on unparalleled scale and automation,” said Régis Lerbour, VP R&D and Product Management for RAN Engineering at Infovista. “Only a cloud-native architecture can deliver this. Planet Cloud not only enables operators to plan and automate network-wide RAN investment decisions, but in a flexible, dynamic and more cost-effective manner.”

The benefits of the Planet Cloud architecture include:

  • Nationwide Planning and Optimization capability: Propagation Modelling, Antennae Management, 4G/5G Network Analysis, Layer Statistics, Neighbour Planning Management, Interference Matrix Management, Physical Cell ID Planning, Automatic Cell Planning (ACP)
  • Dynamic and automatic horizontal scalability: Planet Cloud enables microservices to be automatically and dynamically instantiated without any manual intervention, to maximize hardware usage and bring optimal performance to end users
  • Openness and Interoperability: Planet Cloud comes with open APIs that can be used to build customized and automated services, as well as to integrate with 3rd party data and applications
  • High availability and disaster recovery: Planet Cloud uses stateless services for computation-intensive tasks and puts data management in the hands of 3rd party stateful services that provide state-of-the-art high availability and disaster recovery capabilities.

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