Mason Releases New Ruggedized Smart Device Form Factor for Various Use Cases Across Healthcare, Transportation and Research Industries

Company Expands Award-winning Smart Device Platform with New Low-cost, Handheld Device, Available Out-of-the-box or as a Customizable Form Factor Delivered to Market in Less Than Six Months

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mason, innovator of the only fully managed infrastructure for developing and delivering dedicated smart devices, today announced the release of Mason D215, a ruggedized handheld smart device that builds on the award-winning Mason Smart Device Platform. The Mason D215 handheld is purpose-built to withstand extreme environmental elements and is the ideal device for use cases that require smart devices for outdoor use, physical activities or harsh environments. Built using Mason’s unique modular design approach, the D215 can be used out-of-the-box for immediate use or customized for 6, 8 or 10” display screen sizes that can be developed and delivered to market in less than six months. The device’s unique features make it ideal for use cases in healthcare, transportation and clinical research.

The Mason D215 is the next evolution of our modular and flexible hardware portfolio,” said Gee Weiden, Mason head of hardware engineering. “The device’s unique features—such as the removable battery pack—make it the ideal device for non-consumer use cases where there are strict requirements for smart devices and high demand for customizations.”

The D215 handheld device is the newest addition to Mason’s portfolio of smart devices, which includes a wide range of handhelds, tablets and wearables built for business use cases, along with a variety of transformative accessories—including blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters and scales—for improved end user experience. A lower-cost version of the Mason D450, the D215 was designed with unique modularity features, making it ideal for specialized use cases that require ​​ruggedized devices. It is available out-of-the-box or can be easily customized for different screen sizes, depending on the requirements of the use case, helping customers take connected devices to market faster than ever before.

The Mason D215 handheld smart device is equipped with Android 11 and delivers the following features that make it an ideal device for outdoor use, physical activities and harsh environments:

  • Removable battery pack: Devices can stay constantly connected because battery changes are quick and easy. This is especially important for use cases such as remote patient monitoring or for first responders that require constantly connected devices. With a swappable battery, the device does not require charging and is only off for an extremely short period of time as the battery is exchanged. The removable battery pack also extends the use and longevity of the device over the product lifecycle and eliminates the need to replace the device as the battery life shortens.
  • Magnet for mounted use cases: The D215 can be mounted in vehicles or trailers for electronic logging; in hospitals for remote patient monitoring (RPM) where the device is used as a hub; at home when attached to a refrigerator or other appliance for at-home RPM; and in extreme environments such as industrial settings where ruggedized devices need to be mounted.
  • Waterproof with rugged case: The D215 can withstand extreme environmental elements without the need for additional accessories.
  • 5+ year lifecycle: Similar to the rest of Mason’s hardware portfolio, the D215 is purpose-built for businesses and, unlike consumer devices, is designed to maximize device and product lifecycles.
  • Pogo charging and Mason Smart Connect: The D215 can pair with a variety of accessories—ranging from healthcare-specific accessories to payment readers and barcode scanners in retail stores or hotels—using pogo pins to charge and transfer data instead of requiring wireless methods such as WiFi or Bluetooth.

Mason Recognized by 2022 IoT Breakthrough Awards as “IoT Health & Wellness Innovation of the Year”

Mason today also announced that the Mason Smart Device Platform has been recognized as the “IoT Health and Wellness Innovation of the Year” by the 2022 IoT Breakthrough Awards. The IoT Breakthrough Awards aim to deliver the most comprehensive analysis of the IoT industry, from connected home to industrial IoT solutions. With over 3,850 global nominations, the 2022 IoT Breakthrough Awards’ program industry evaluation was broad and extremely competitive. As a winner of the 6th annual IoT Breakthrough Awards program, Mason joins the ranks of other prestigious companies including NVIDIA, Cisco, Bosch, Vodafone, NETGEAR, Sonos, KORE, Verizon, Johnson Controls, Amazon (Ring), General Electric, Lenovo and other top companies and startups in the IoT industry.

Our mission at Mason is to empower innovators and entrepreneurs to bring their visions for the industry’s next groundbreaking smart products to life by helping to eliminate the formidable barriers to entry when it comes to deploying critical mobile products,” said Nancy Xiao, CEO, Mason. “This recognition underscores our continued commitment to equip individuals and enterprises with the foundation, speed and efficiency to create smart solutions and products that improve the human experience.”

The Mason Smart Device Platform fills the gaps of the traditionally fragmented world of smart device vendors by abstracting away the complexity required to bring dedicated smart devices to market, enabling startups and large enterprises—including those in heavily regulated industries like healthcare—to go from idea to IoT product launch in a few months, instead of years. Mason dramatically lowers costs, speeds time to market and eliminates the logistics complexity or the need to hire specialized talent. Healthcare customers in industries including remote patient monitoring, clinical outcome assessment, research universities, reform and rehabilitation, disaster preparedness and construction monitoring rely on Mason as a “one-stop-shop” to more easily and quickly build, deploy and scale connected smart products.

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About Mason

Mason is the fastest way to take smart devices from idea to end user. Whether building a single-use device from scratch or scaling a line of smart products, with Mason it’s faster and less costly to build, deploy and scale. Digital transformation is a modern requirement but operating a hardware-dependent initiative is hard – thousands of hours and millions of dollars are at stake. The Mason Smart Device Platform is the only fully managed infrastructure for developing and delivering dedicated devices. It offers flexible usage-based pricing for fleets of devices and manages the underlying complexity of all associated backend services, making software delivery on a smart product line—whether it’s a tablet, wearable or new form factor—as simple as delivering software in the cloud. This frees innovators to focus on what matters: application development, feature specification and UX. Granular access to add, remove or lock down capabilities makes it possible for highly customized products to be built as envisioned. Mason offloads hardware investment risks and logistics, including inventory procurement, warehousing and supply chain management. With options like zero-touch provisioning, devices work perfectly out of the box without end user intervention. Remote fleet management, troubleshooting and automated software updates by Mason ensure security and positive end user experiences. Organizations of all sizes rely on Mason to bring innovations and hundreds of use cases to market without reinventing the wheel. Smarter from start to finish with Mason.™


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