Meow Selects Cognito Flow, First Complete No-Code Online Identity Verification Service to Easily Verify and Onboard Business Customers

SISTERS, Ore., Jan. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cognito, which provides the first easy and comprehensive online identity verification of global customers without any code, announced today that Meow, the future of modern, compliant investing for corporate treasuries, selected Cognito Flow for its online identity verification solution.

Meow chose Cognito Flow because it is a drop-in, no code solution that can be deployed quickly and easily. Meow uses Cognito Flow to verify the identities of executives on their customers’ leadership teams, and screens them against government watchlists so they can onboard to the Meow platform safely. The company is using Cognito Flow’s full stack of online verification including data-backed instant lightning verification, in addition to document verification and liveness/selfie checks to securely verify customers. 

“Flow by Cognito is by far the best drop-in identity verification tool we vetted,” said Brandon Arvanaghi, CEO of Meow. “Cognito has improved our conversion rates and has made onboarding a breeze. I would strongly recommend Cognito to anyone who wants to streamline KYC and improve their funnel conversion rates.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Meow,” said Alain Meier, Co-Founder and CEO of Cognito. “The company has put security and compliance first, using cutting-edge technology and robust verification methods to protect their users.”

In addition to Meow, Cognito is used by some of the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platforms. Cognito Flow has seen growth in the space, in part, for its easy deployment and robust international coverage.

Cognito Flow provides the full stack of online verification requirements for global business customers, including scanning and verifying passport and driver’s license verifications, liveness checks, risk flags, and more, and can do it instantly across hundreds of countries. Cognito is the only verification system available to authenticate global users in seconds for businesses.

Cognito has run 2.73 billion watchlist scans and has conducted 76 million ID verifications. The company is growing rapidly with revenues in the tens of millions and doubling year over year.

About Cognito
Cognito is the first company to provide easy and comprehensive online identity verification of global customers without any code. Its customizable drop-in ID verification and compliance system is based on hundreds of worldwide data sources and analyzes thousands of document types. Based on its experience verifying tens of millions of users, Cognito helps businesses authenticate their global customers accurately within minutes using sophisticated AI and ML to eliminate manual reviews. Dozens of enterprises including Coinbase, Brex, Current and Nextdoor already rely on Cognito to help them quickly and securely onboard all of their customers. To learn more visit

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