Mindtech Releases New Synthetic Data Application Pack at CES to Train Smart Home AIs 50x Faster

** Platform enables developers to rapidly train AIs with synthetic data and unlock next-gen Smart Home use-cases **

** Customer applications include home security, home automation and home safety **

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AIMindtech Global, developer of the world’s leading platform for the creation of synthetic training data for AI vision systems, has released a new application pack for companies developing Smart Home solutions.

The Smart Home pack is available on Mindtech’s Chameleon platform, where customers can create synthetic training data to help computers see, understand and predict human-to-human and human-to-world interactions.

The new Smart Home pack is ideal for the rapid development of next-generation Smart Home systems focused on home security, home safety and smart gesture recognition use-cases.

Using synthetic data to train AI systems lessens the dependance on real-world data which is scarce, time consuming to annotate and involves complex challenges around bias and data privacy.

Chameleon’s ‘no-code’, ‘self-serve’ platform allows for the automated creation of high-quality, precisely annotated and privacy-compliant synthetic data – more than 50 times faster than sourcing and annotating ‘real-world’ data.

Customer Smart Home use-cases for the platform include:

  • Training a robot home help device such as a smart lawnmower or vacuum cleaner to better identify, anticipate and avoid children, pets and objects
  • Training an AI-enabled door camera to automatically distinguish between delivery person and a would-be intruder or thief and sound the alarm
  • Training a home monitoring camera system to identify incidents such as an elderly person falling from bed or a child playing with something dangerous in the house so it can sound the alarm
  • Training smart devices in the home to recognize complex hand gestures and take their user interface to the next level

Watch a video of the Smart Home application pack in action here:


Using the Chameleon platform, customers developing AI vision systems can quickly build unlimited scenes and scenarios using photo-realistic smart 3D models. Chameleon’s new Smart Home application pack includes typical home scenes, a wide range of assets and sophisticated automated behaviors relevant to home use-cases. The pack also leverages Chameleon’s latest features including attractors to change the default behavior of an asset and skeleton keypoints to allow for gesture and action analysis.

Chris Longstaff, VP Product Management at Mindtech said, “Smarter Homes can make our lives safer, more intuitive and convenient. But that will require intelligent vision systems, trained on large volumes of precisely annotated, high-quality and privacy-compliant data. Chameleon’s new Smart Home application pack allows developers to solve data scarcity with self-serve synthetic data and rapidly address this growing market with innovative AI solutions that better understand the way humans interact with each other and the world around them.”

Mindtech’s Chameleon platform is used by Tier 1 companies in the home automation sector for data generation and is available for immediate licensing.

Mindtech will be exhibiting at CES 2022 at booth 61516 in Eureka Park from Jan 5 – 8.

Editor’s Notes

Mindtech Global www.mindtech.global

Mindtech Global is the developer of the world’s leading end-to-end ‘synthetic’ data creation platform for the training of AI vision systems. The company’s Chameleon platform is a step change in the way AI vision systems are trained, helping computers understand and predict human interactions in applications ranging across retail, smart home, healthcare and smart city.

Mindtech is headquartered in the UK, with operations across the US and Far East and is funded by investors including Mercia, Deeptech Labs and In-Q-Tel.

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