President Park Doo-ho, “We will Make 2022 Year of Growth and Leap Forward”

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / January 4, 2021 / (Gyeongbuk = International News) Park Doo-ho, executive director of LAREDO Resources Corp, a registered company of the OTC Market in the United States, stated on January 3rd, that 2022 will be the “year of growth leap.”

On July 15, 2018, President Park Doo-ho became the official CEO, after he secured management rights.

With its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, the company has made outstanding progress over the past five years with the management of Chairman Park Doo-ho.

SummitGroup Co., Ltd.
As a result of his efforts through specialty business organizations, Park became the largest shareholder and the CEO of Summit Group, a professional company specializing in equestrian club membership based on a 2 billion won capital, by developing groundbreaking technology and specialized products.

Laredo Daeboong Mining Co., Ltd.
He serves as the largest shareholder and CEO of Laredo Daeboong Mining industry, which has 31 mine registration applications in Milyang, Gyeongnam.

AbaHome Co., Ltd.
President Park Doo-ho, who is also the largest shareholder and CEO of AbaHome Co., Ltd., is presenting natural eco-friendly and specialized products to the world through the manufacture of air sterilizer OM, and the distribution of a comprehensive shopping mall.

Self-power generator joint patent
As a joint patent with Dr. Jang Yong-ung of self-power generator technology by magnetic rotators, President Park plans to play a key role in solving South Korea’s green energy problem, as well as spur overseas exports.

South Korea Police Times
Park Doo-ho, who has been appointed as the only newspaper specializing in praise, encouragement, beauty, and publicity in Korea, has announced that he will save the company through the Korean National Awards ceremony and create a newspaper that can help support self-employment and small businesses.

National Mugunghwa 1 Planting Movement Association
Through the Mugunghwa One Planting Movement Association, all members who participated in the planting of Mugunghwa will receive 50 free LAREDO Resources Corp shares, and are also promoting the acquisition of 1 million small shareholders.

EL K.ECO CO., Ltd. and all rights contracts… Drone coins coming soon
In January 2022, President Park Doo-ho, who signed a contract with ElKeeko Co., Ltd., a small incinerator manufacturer that will save the global environment with state-of-the-art technology, announced that he was making special plans.

In preparation for the 2025 era of drone air taxi commercialization, 16 patents, including 10 safety-related patents, have been registered and filed in 76 countries around the world for the launch of the world’s safest manned drones, and have already signed exclusive contracts with Dr. Sun-Cheol, who has completed technology registered in 25 countries.

President Park also expressed his ambition to actively enter the drone commercialization business by building a specialized drone city and developing various games such as drone football.

In particular, as a starting point for the inducements that will be demonstrated in January 2022, the drone SPC corporation is preparing for formal disclosure by preparing for legal parts to be certified to LADEDO Resources Corp, a registered company of the OTC Market, including corporate-related contracts.

President Park Doo-ho has characterized projects prepared in South Korea over the past five years as the year of fruition in 2022 and said he would publish the businesses in which sales occur in order.

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