Private Paradise Breaks New Ground with the First Ever “All-Island Exclusive” Vacation Concept

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 6, 2022 / When one seeks to get away from the chaos of daily life or perhaps take a needed hiatus with or without company, there are a plethora of vacation options to consider. Whether it’s a weekend at a resort, a dip in the water via cruise ship, or a private stay at an estate of your choice, you are left with many choices, but ultimately you must choose one. Each of which offer an entirely unique experience of their own.

Slopes To Sands, a renowned & highly innovative vacation home company, offers many desirable destinations for that well-needed time away. From their mountain chateau in West Virginia to their villa in New Jersey known as Seashore Magic, they have done a phenomenal job in diversifying the atmosphere of their available properties.

However, more importantly, they have just introduced not only a new location, but an entirely new way of experiencing relaxation. Introducing Private Paradise; the Cozumel villa off the eastern coast of Playa del Carmen, Mexico that encompasses every amenity in one and presents an entirely original approach to vacations with their “All-Island Exclusive” concept. From on-demand service and stunning oceanside views that supersede a resort to ultimate privacy with the option to indulge in a list of over a hundred excursions off the property when you please, Private Paradise encourages all of it and is the first of its kind to do so!

To expand upon the innovation of this property, their concierge service actively encourages and assists in having their guests explore beyond their property grounds. Unlike other resorts/villas, Private Paradise doesn’t hold their guests hostage and with the help of their traveling staff, guests are able to experience 5-star restaurants, beach picnics, boat tours, yoga sessions, and virtually any other option imaginable. With the focus being guest satisfaction, tremendous thought is put into every detail including the blueprint of the floor plan. To be more specific, their Cozumel location is designed by award-winning visionary John Giovanni Cacciuitti, working in concert with extraordinarily skilled and highly experienced architects and expert resort engineers.

The team over at Private Paradise does not shy away from drawing inspiration from all parts of the world and sprinkling in details throughout their villa. For example, amenities such as an aerial acrobat show is available to overnight guests in homage to Las Vegas’ iconic Cirque du Soleil or bask in the sunlight on top of their floating, Bali-inspired daybeds or rather enjoy a 20 foot waterfall structured as a Mayan Pyramid. And if that wasn’t enough for you,Private Paradise offers their own-exclusive CLUB 33 for all wine/liquor enthusiasts, which was named after Walt Disney’s personal private bar hidden in the original Disney land and closed to all but celebrities.When it comes to vacations, there are a lot of options to choose from. At Private Paradise, you don’t have to.


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