Quanergy Unveils 3D IoT LiDAR Solutions for Smart Cities at #CES2022

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Quanergy Systems, Inc., a leading provider of OPA-based solid-state LiDAR sensors and smart 3D solutions for automotive and IoT, will showcase its advanced 3D IoT LiDAR solutions and technologies for smart cities at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada in January 2022. Quanergy’s solutions will include smart mobility, retail flow management analytics, building occupancy management, and perimeter intrusion detection.

“The future of Smart Cities starts with Quanergy. Quanergy’s 3D LiDAR Flow Management solutions are disrupting the IoT market by providing the accurate real-time data needed by mission critical applications to automate the next best action and enhance people lives and safety,” said Kevin Kennedy, CEO at Quanergy.

Quanergy will showcase live demos to demonstrate its 3D LiDAR Smart City Flow Management Solution, which include:

Optical Phased Array (OPA) station: Quanergy will announce and demo a major technology breakthrough for its game changing 100% solid-state CMOS LiDAR sensor, designed to enable the mass production of low-cost, highly reliable 3D LiDAR solutions.

Smart Mobility Station: in collaboration with iCent, KETI and EKOS ENC, Quanergy will highlight its M-series LiDAR sensors and Qortex DTC™ 3D perception software to enable smart navigation for electronic vehicle (EV) charging robots, which plays a critical role in building transportation infrastructure for any smart city.

Retail Flow Management Analytics: Partnering with Digital Mortar, Quanergy will feature a live demo monitoring and analyzing the journey of visitors including the flow of entrance and departure, and dwell time at certain stations. This real-time data provides invaluable insight for retailers to optimize shopper experience and increase revenues, while providing zero PII risk.

Occupancy (People Counting) Management: Built on Quanergy’s solid-state LiDAR technology, QORTEX People Counting demo will monitor and control occupancy limits in conference rooms while protecting individual privacy. The solution offers unmatched accuracy of detection for a wide range of people traffic patterns both indoor and outdoor while protecting individual privacy.

Advanced Security Solution Station: MQ-8 and QORTEX DTC™ security solution enables real-time analysis for detection, tracking, and classification of intruders. The platform provides native integration with major video management systems, including Milestone and Genetec, to create a complete solution that enables prompt responses to security breaches, while significantly reducing costly false alarms.

Mobile Surveillance Solution With Integrated 3D LiDAR Technology

In partnership with Securitas, Quanergy’s mobile solution can be deployed anywhere to ensure security of remote sites. It is a cost-effective, flexible security solution for sites with limited infrastructure. The 3D LiDAR provides extremely high accuracy and reduces false alarms by more than 95%. Watch video here.

To learn more about Quanergy’s LiDAR products and solutions, stop by the Smart City Pavilion in the North Hall, Booth #9215 at CES 2022, or visit www.quanergy.com.

About Quanergy Systems, Inc.

Quanergy’s mission is to create powerful, affordable smart LiDAR solutions for automotive and IoT applications to enhance people’s experiences and safety. Quanergy has developed the only true 100% solid-state CMOS LiDAR sensor built on optical phased array (OPA) technology to enable the mass production of low-cost, highly reliable 3D LiDAR solutions. Through Quanergy’s smart LiDAR solutions, businesses can now leverage real-time, advanced 3D insights to transform their operations in a variety of industries including industrial automation, physical security, smart cities, smart spaces, and much more. Quanergy solutions are deployed by over 350 customers across the globe. For more information, please visit us at www.quanergy.com.


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