Sleep Number’s New 360® Smart Bed Delivers At-Home Connected Sleep Health: Will Proactively Monitor and Improve Sleep Health Over Time

Winner of three CES® 2022 Innovation Awards, Sleep Number also unveiled new innovations to create the ideal, personalized sleep environment, including smart furniture

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LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today at CES® 2022, Sleep Number Corporation (Nasdaq: SNBR), the sleep health, science, research and innovation leader, announced its most dynamic technology platform. The new 360® smart bed’s advanced sensing capabilities will enable future features to proactively monitor and improve an individual’s sleep and health over time, responding to their changing needs through evolving life stages. Sleep Number also unveiled smart furniture to complement and enhance the health and wellness features of the 360 smart bed. These new innovations, which were honored with three CES® 2022 Innovation Awards, reveal a future where advanced monitoring, personalized insights and health evaluations are possible from home and empower simplified, preventative health care at any life stage.

The new 360 smart bed can redefine real-world health care by enabling continuous monitoring of a sleeper’s general wellness, sleep health behaviors and chronic sleep barriers, generating real-time insights and actions to the smart sleeper, their caregivers and physicians. Over time, the smart bed’s machine learning and artificial intelligence can identify out-of-norm events and alert the sleeper to pattern changes. In the future, the 360 smart bed may detect illness and alert a sleeper to potential health conditions including insomnia, sleep apnea or cardiac events.

“As a company with purpose, we are improving the health and wellbeing of society through higher quality sleep. Our technology platform offers an innovative solution that can redefine real-world health care with simple, attainable proactive care and early intervention – from home, and from the comfort of your 360 smart bed,” said Shelly Ibach, President and CEO, Sleep Number. “Our newest 360 smart beds support sleeper’s changing needs at every life stage, with personalized comfort and insights for the highest quality of sleep.”

“An individual’s sleep health needs change throughout their life, and as people undergo milestones, they need solutions that help them live healthy, independent lives,” said Annie Bloomquist, Chief Innovation Officer, Sleep Number. “In listening to our customers – our smart sleeper community – and learning from over 13 billion hours’ worth of proprietary sleep data, our newest 360 smart beds will support sleep health at every stage. Our best-in-class sensing capabilities that deliver the highly accurate data we collect nightly, will allow us to provide personalized health insights and health risk evaluations to meaningfully improve sleep and enable preemptive care throughout their life.”

Smarter Night’s Sleep Through Science and Innovation

The new 360 smart bed technology platform builds upon the original award-winning Sleep Number 360® smart bed. Introduced in 2017 at CES, the 360 smart bed was the first commercialized smart bed to provide sleepers effortless comfort and personalized insights about their sleep health and habits. The 360 smart bed was the foundation and propelled the growing sleep tech category, which continues to expand thanks to consumers’ interest in quality sleep as a major contributor to overall health. Today, by leveraging over 13 billion hours of sleep data gathered nightly, the company has significantly innovated its 360 smart bed, creating both a superior sleep surface and a highly innovative tool for sleep health, science and research. 360 smart beds are now being used by some of the world’s most renowned sleep and health institutions as learning and research tools.

The platform’s latest development is enabled by new multi-sensor technologies and advancements in embedded software capabilities, AI and machine learning algorithms. The design creates an adjustable, responsive and holistic microenvironment for each sleeper. This highly individualized environment becomes more important over time as people age; the smart bed responds to the unique health needs of each individual.

The dynamic nature of the 360 smart bed means it’s specifically designed to interact with sleepers. To ensure exceptional quality sleep as sleepers’ bodies age and change, the combination of high-tech textiles, antimicrobial components and graphite-infused foam cools and moves air through the sleep surface to alleviate moisture and heat buildup near the body. A personalized sleep experience that combines superior individualized comfort with an actionable picture of how sleep can influence health is a hallmark of Sleep Number’s smart beds and new updates, features and insights will continuously be delivered to the smart beds over time.

The new 360 smart bed and its prior version are six-time CES Innovation Award winners, and the new 360 smart bed technology platform was recognized in the Health & Wellness and Smart Home categories at CES 2022. The new 360 smart beds will be available in 2023 starting around $1,099.

Smart Furniture Offers Accessibility and Improved Sleep Environment

Sleep Number’s new smart furniture is designed to complement and enhance the features and health and wellness benefits of the 360 smart bed and FlexFit™ smart adjustable bases. The furniture creates an ideal environment to support sleep health and provides an integrated sleep experience with a modifiable form factor for aging and recovery, providing comfort, aiding in mobility and helping maintain independence at home. The new furniture also eliminates clutter, conveniently combining popular sleep accessories into a single solution for customers to have the perfect individualized sleep environment to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Key smart furniture features include:

  • Mobility aids: designed for different stages of life, added mobility aids provide extra support when sleepers enter or exit their bed
  • Individual audio and noise reduction technology: masks in-bed and environmental noise, creating a more peaceful sleep environment for each sleeper and leading to improved sleep quality
  • Ambient lighting: supports one’s circadian rhythm and promotes relaxation and alertness, with an amber glow in the evening to help the body prepare for more restful sleep, and a dawn simulator in the morning to promote wakefulness and help sleepers feel more refreshed
  • Individual reading lights: adjust in color and intensity and rotate to provide optimal lighting and eliminate the need for a bedside lamp
  • Integrated charging and storage pocket: offers easy access to devices, while reducing visible nightstand clutter
  • Secure and durable design: engineered using high quality textiles, fine hardwoods and durable leather, and accentuated with the tailoring and craftsmanship expected in a premium product

While designed to support sleep and accessibility needs for sleepers at any age, the features of the new smart furniture were informed by Sleep Number-conducted research studying the needs of a discrete aging population. The smart furniture further supports the 360 smart bed’s unique ability to change and adapt with the sleeper and their individual needs.

The new smart furniture will be available in 2023, with pricing to be announced.

Future of Connected Sleep Health Panel at CES 2022

Sleep Number will also host a virtual panel on the Future of Connected Sleep Health on Wednesday, January 5, which will be available online at Moderated by science editor and writer Yasmin Tayag, this 30-minute conversation features Sleep Number President and CEO Shelly Ibach; Director of the Center for Circadian and Sleep Medicine and Chief of Sleep Medicine at Northwestern University Phyllis Zee (MD, PhD); Sleep Number Vice President of Innovation Strategy and Business Ventures, Cassie Morris; and Sleep Number Vice President of SleepIQ Health, Raj Mills.

The panel will discuss the emerging role of sleep technology in research and clinical care, the potential for predictive and diagnostic technology in the home, sleep’s role in aging, and growing consumer focus on health at all life stages and the desire to age in place.

To learn more about the new Sleep Number 360 smart bed technology platform and Sleep Number smart furniture, visit and the CES booth at the LVCC, North Hall (booth #8443).

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Our award-winning 360 smart beds are informed by science. They learn from over one billion sleep sessions of highly-accurate, real world sleep data – the cumulation of over 13 billion hours’ worth – to automatically adjust to each sleeper and provide effortless comfort and proven quality sleep. Our 360 smart beds deliver individualized sleep health reports and insights, including a daily SleepIQ® score, and are helping to advance meaningful sleep health solutions by applying sleep science and research.

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