Sleepme Inc. Launches New Products and a membership platform: The Dock Pro Sleep System, sleepme Insight™ Sleep Tracker, and sleepme+

The next generation in sleep technology developed by sleepme has arrived to help improve the way the world sleeps

CHARLOTTE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sleepme Inc., parent company of ChiliSleep, will debut two new pioneer products, the Dock Pro temperature-regulating sleep system and sleepme Insight sleep tracker, which is part of the sleepme+ membership, at the annual trade show hosted by the Consumer Technology Association.

The Dock Pro’s industry-leading cooling capacity is powered by a patent-pending system that is quieter and offers nearly double the cooling potential of previous models. The control unit’s sound output has been compared to the sound of light rain and the new design allows for discreet storage below the bed. The Dock Pro sleep system includes the new Chilipad Pro with Hydrolayer Technology™, which features a new tubeless design with increased cooling surface area, breathable material and variable stretch rate for simpler installation. The mattress pad is also 100% machine washable and dryer safe.

“With the Dock Pro, our primary objective was to make the coldest, quietest and most comfortable sleep system on the market, and we’ve accomplished just that,” says Robbie Falls, VP of Product at Sleepme Inc.

The newly designed sleepme app offers precise control of the Dock Pro sleep system’s temperature-regulating features. This includes the pioneered “Airplane Mode” setting for reducing EMFs while the control unit runs, making it the only heating and cooling mattress pad with this capability.

Sleepme will also debut the sleepme Insight, an ultrathin, non-intrusive tracker that fits underneath a mattress pad. The tracker is only .77mm thick and its multiple sensors monitor, catalog and report on a variety of health and sleep-related metrics including heart rate, respiratory rate, in-bed temperature, deep and REM sleep and more.

Coming in late Spring, when the Dock Pro and Insight are paired together, users can go beyond sleep tracking. With each user’s near real-time sleep data, sleepme’s machine learning algorithms will automatically change their bed temperature to optimize for deep and REM sleep. This eliminates the need to manually set a temperature schedule for the night while preparing for bed.

“This is a complete game changer,” said Falls. “Because every person sleeps differently, and can require unique habits to help them achieve optimal sleep, each user benefits from personalized temperature adjustments. According to early testing, the tracker’s superior raw data yields best-in-class accuracy, rather than summarizing data from a cohort of people.”

Insight will be included at no additional cost in the new sleepme+ membership. In addition to the sleep tracking data and automated bed temperature adjustments from the Dock Pro, sleepme+ will offer personalized sleep training guides and resources. These resources include tailored fitness strategies, including yoga and meditation, and tips and tricks to reach health and wellness goals from sleepme experts and sleep coaches all based on each user’s sleep data. Moreover, members can also engage with a community of like-minded people, including those with similar sleep goals.

“Sleepme is the culmination of accessible sleep for everyone and this is the powerful beginning of a sleep movement,” says CEO Tara Youngblood. “Our primary goal is to ensure that sleep is achievable, restorative, and an overall positive experience for anyone looking to transform their approach to health and wellness. We can’t be more excited to share the technology we’ve poured so much compassion and enthusiasm into with the world.”

The Dock Pro sleep system and a 12 month subscription of sleepme+, which includes the Insight sleep tracker, will be initially bundled together. A limited amount will be available at a special preorder price starting at $1,299 and available at the end of March. Visit to learn more and preorder starting today.

About Sleepme™

Sleepme Inc. is a sleep technology brand revolutionizing the way the world sleeps. Through decades of learning and experience as well as an extensive patent portfolio, Sleepme’s purpose is to make sleep easy, achievable, and a positive part of everyone’s health. Sleepme coaches some of the world’s top athletes and continues to serve consumers around the world through its umbrella of trusted, quality and leadership brands including Sleepme, ChiliSleep and Ebb. Beloved by millions for its life-changing sleep results, ChiliSleep pioneered the award-winning ChiliPad® and chiliBLANKET®, both of which are powered by the Cube and OOLER sleep systems. For other Sleepme news, visit


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