Terramint – The Defi Real Estate Tokenization Platform which is Going to Revolutionize the Industry.

The ease of transacting real estate tokens from anywhere makes it a lucrative proposition for investors.

BUFFALO, WY / ACCESSWIRE / January 4, 2022 / Terramint is ready to set the industry on fire as it offers its users tokens for as low as $500. The option is open for investors during the initial offering for a limited period. Those who are in charge of these tokens can buy and sell at a later stage on the platform’s marketplace. There’s a vast list of properties which ranges from commercial, land, to rentals, Vrbo’s Airbnb, and much more, which makes it extremely attractive for users. There are a host of properties which will offer a yearly APY on the revenues that are produced from the same property. Wallets will hold the revenues, which can be connected to the platform with ease. Furthermore, the transactions can be conducted in USD & crypto stable coin DAI initiated without getting converted to USD. USDC and other methods will be introduced soon.

The dashboard has a clean interface which will show all assets and revenues in real time along with the wallet balance which makes it easy for users to take charge of their accounts at the click of a button. Users can view the expected APY, access property values, and personal wallet values and. Tokens will be minted ERC 20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. With the introduction of Terramint the entire game is about to change as it is all set to make real estate transactions seamless, and it will also enable the real estate owners to liquidate their assets when needed easily. It is a one of its kind platform which will give enough leverage to real estate investments and those who are interested in this space have an opportunity to make it big without much hassles. We have 35 million under Contract to be tokenized.

Now, one can buy real estate with a click of a button, managing and diversifying their real estate portfolio easily with this powerful platform called Terramint. We are the first click purchase platform.

We are also looking to partner with medium to large real estate portfolios and seeking series A funding.

To know more, visit Terramint’s official website, www.terramint.com

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