The Geisha Tea House NFT Brings Traditional Japanese Culture into the Digital Space

SHERIDAN, WY / ACCESSWIRE / January 6, 2022 / The Geisha Tea House team is pleased to announce that its presale at 0.0555 ETH goes live Jan 10th. Geisha Tea House NFTs are the newest addition to the NFT world, where users are allowed to mint as many as five NFTs. Shortly after its whitelist sale, the collection will be available to the general public at 0.0888 ETH per NFT.

The metaverse is about to experience a new level of exclusivity akin to the olden traditions of geishas in Japan as the upcoming non-fungible token (NFT) business community called Geisha Tea House arrives.

The Geisha Tea House NFTs are characterized by exceptional charm and beauty. Most importantly though, each NFT doubles as an exclusive membership to the Geisha Tea House business community and a ticket to virtual monthly networking events. In addition, holding the NFT long term provides its holder with a chance to get into popular NFT projects early.

Geisha Tea House Story

The Geisha Tea House NFT transports users to Kyoto, Japan, year 2049, where an all-destroying cyber-attack has ravaged the world as we know it, claiming digital life and people’s income and their security.

Accompanying the cyber takedown was a worldwide cyborg extremist’s attack that wiped out humanity off the face of the planet. Although the attack wiped out millions, a handful of people survived, including the cyborg geisha Mineka, who is accompanied by a handful of young Maiko from the well-hidden and fortified Akirelu Okiya.

Over time, the Geisha’s fertility has allowed them to thrive from 5 to 10,000 in one year, and they have been resting at the Sukiya Tea Room in the Metaverse Hanamachi district known as The Geisha Tea House. While the club is private, visitors can mingle with like-minded individuals, conduct business, and change the world during lavish banquets.

The long-standing geisha tradition has built its foundation within Japan for over 400 years. The team over at Geisha House NFT successfully brings the tradition to the NFT space through its unique digital art pieces and a rich backstory that spreads awareness about the tradition and culture.

The geisha characters will be randomly generated during minting, combining multiple traits that make up a wide array of breathtaking characters. In addition, future holders will see various kimonos, assets, houses, lips, hands, swords, masks, eyes, and even pipes. Put together, and these features form one of the digital arts.

Geisha Tea House NFTs Use Cases

As a testament to its dedication to providing countless benefits to creating a solid community, holding a Geisha token also doubles as a membership card that provides access to member-only events and hangouts. On top of that, upon activation of its Roadmap 2.0, holders will be able to stake their Geisha and receive a native token to its Geisha Tea House Ecosystem, which will be built in Decentraland.

The Rare Store

Furthermore, it has effectively outlined future developments on its website. One of the exciting perks that token holders look forward to is the release of The Rare Store, where tangible collector’s items are sold.

The Team

Established by Regal Star, Lukas Novotny, Akil Wade, and Dominic Garms The Geisha Tea House NFT is an extension inside the blockchain that carefully reproduces the sophistication of Geisha – Japanese female performers famed for their extraordinary entertaining and social skills as well as their beauty.

About The Geisha Teahouse NFTs

The Geisha Tea House NFTs have randomly generated Geishas with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC 721 token. The Geisha Tea House NFTs are generated out of the Akirelu Tea House and characterized by amazing clarity and beauty; thus, resulting in multiple interesting trait combinations. The Geisha Tea House NFTs are featured in 9 types of rarity categories.

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