The Lost Throne (TLT): MTG-inspired P2E Trading Card Game

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / January 8, 2022 / TLT (The Lost Throne) is one of the newly launched meta-universe NFT TCG-based games, which allow players to earn along with the entertainment. Play-to-earn trading card games can collect, build, battle, and trade through these play-to-earn trading card games. This game is among the highly compatible NFT games, following TGC development to improve its NFTs. The game cards used in these games are based on the token system and NFTs and the combination of SDKs which makes it accessible for external developers and facilitates the designing of unlimited applications on the platform.

Gameplay Model:

In this virtual world of gaming, a player plays the role of a Supreme Commander, and the game cards act as the general or soldier, which serves their loyalty to the player. The players included in this game contain a deck of 50-80 cards divided into three groups on the criss-cross battlefield interface. Players attack each other’s lives on the battlefield, and ultimately, one wins the game. In the beginning, players start playing using their cards and select the technological routes of their choice. Each player utilizes their card against their opponent, in which every card consists of different effects, attacks, cost consumption and technology requirements, and so forth. In this combat phase, both players take action, and every single attack utilizes one actionable card. It goes on until one of both the players wins.


This MTG-inspired P2E trading card game facilitates players with the tokens earning if they have good card skills and continuously present or use the play. If the player completes the daily quests, the platform rewards him. DD tokens. The winner of the PvP battle is also rewarded by the DD tokens based on PvP MMR. This enormous strategy boosts the players’ excitement and benefits them from earning.

Tokenomics of “The Lost Throne

This enormous gaming platform consists of a “Dual-token Economy System,” Equity type Crystal Powder (CP), Economic type Dream Dust (DD).

Crystal Powder (CP)

An ecological token CP consists of evidence of game holding and the game’s rights and governance. It allows gamers to govern the TLT ecology via voting and gets 100% of the in-game fee income and public resource output following their CP holdings.

In the initial phase, the TLT developers burn 1.1 million CP tokens to stabilize the tokens by developing decentralized trading pairs on PancakeSwap liquidity. Crystal Powder is provisionally allocated with a fixed supply of 16,000,000. 37% transfers to Stake Pools, 15% transfers for Throne Treasury, 9% transfers token sale and community incentives, 8% distributes among team and advisors, 7% utilizes on marketing and liquidity pools, 4% gey reserved, and 3% facilitates the private sale.

Dream Dust (DD)

Dream dust is a currency of The Lost Throne, which players can earn by winning the game. DD utilizes the production of “shining” cards and facilitates the opening of new cards.

The TLT developers burned 3.7 million DD to develop decentralized trading pairs on PancakeSwap to stabilize tokens in the initial phase. It is provisionally allocated with a fixed supply of 1,000,000,000. Although the mechanism of DD has two parts, the first one is Gameplay and tactics, in which users keep their NFT cards. And the second one is Card acquisition, owing to which players trade on the Marketplace.

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