Two Major Ways To Give Your Company A Leg Up During The Pandemic From Dual Business Owner And Entrepreneur Steven A. Mosely

CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / January 4, 2022 / The COVID-19 pandemic changed many things, and its lasting impact in the business world is yet to be fully felt. Over the last year and a half, many business owners have had to get creative and change business models, some have had to close, and others have found opportunities to open new businesses. Navigating the new and ever-changing landscape is challenging, however, it is also exciting, dual business owner and entrepreneur Steven Mosely knows this firsthand, and has some advice for business owners working to make it through the pandemic that can give them an advantage.

The first thing Mosely focuses on is taxes, an area he stresses is important all the time, however, most especially during the pandemic. The different assistance programs, unemployment payments, and stimulus payments can affect people’s taxes, both individually and for their companies. There are several small business tax breaks and policy changes owners may not be aware of, including new rules on net operating losses under the CARES Act, additional tax deductions like the 139 deductions, expanded interest deduction, research and development credits, and an expanded scope of federal deductions small businesses can make on depreciating assets.

Taxes are an area that Mosely has focused on for the last several years, he owns a tax business, SAM Mobile Tax Near me, specializing in helping individuals and businesses prepare their taxes directly from their phone or mobile device. His company concentrates on tax preparation and consultancy, and electronic filing to maximize refund amounts. The company also offers notary and contract development services. Mosely has found several clients needing assistance who are individuals who have not received stimulus payments because they did not file taxes in previous years. Mosely explains that often people, as well as business owners, do not know what they are entitled to or may qualify for, because they do not understand taxes. Educating his clients on the importance of filing taxes and making sure they are done the right way is a big motivator for him because it can better their lives.

Mosely modified his own businesses during the pandemic, he has a brick-and-mortar tax service in Chicago, however, he modified that concept and took it mobile during the pandemic, reaching a nationwide customer base, knowing people needed a way to get taxes done from the convenience of their phones.

The second area that Mosely encourages people to look at is graphic design. Graphic design and visual appeal are incredibly important right now as more and more businesses have gone online and exist in the digital space. Graphic design is part of marketing and helps set a brand and company out from the rest. From creating the perfect logo to drafting eye-popping marketing materials like business cards, flyers, banners, signs, menus, social media, so much involves having to notch graphic design services. With so many competitors out there it truly does not matter if someone is the best at something, if no one is aware of them or cannot recognize their brand or business, they will not be successful.

Mosely understands the importance of standing out visually and started his own printing and graphic company, SAM Living Legacy. That company specializes in professional printing services, faxing services, graphic design, business cards, and is moving into apparel. They plan to be a one-stop-shop for all printing needs and aims to help businesses make engaging marketing material of the highest quality.

Mosely is a very engaging and knowledgeable entrepreneur; he has been making his way in the business world for decades. His drive to succeed came from being a young single father, wanting to give his daughter a better life. He credits a lot of his energy and strong character to his mother, who instilled in him a strength he carries and shares every day. He shares that he lost two of his brothers to gun violence and that his mother always encouraged him to keep going, to do more, and to make the things he was doing matter, to protect himself and what he earned for his daughter. He quotes an old saying to explain how his mother impacted him,” Life does not come with a manual; it comes with a mother. Everything starts at home, charity, giving back, that is how people learn to be like this and give back to others.”

SAM Living Legacy is a business that Mosely started after unfortunately losing his mother, something that affected him deeply. As he explains she was a remarkable woman and needed a tribute that was just as remarkable. He designed a very fitting and visual obituary, almost like a fashion layout for her. That process sent him down the path of starting his graphic design and printing company. He strives to treat people well in all his businesses, and to really connect with them, and get to see them as people. As he says, people will not forget how you treat them, and that is how you build yourself up and make a difference. Mosely also runs a nonprofit and has a history working in the entertainment production industry. You can connect with Mosely on social media and visit his businesses on their websites, and to learn more about what he does.

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