Asurio, Inc. Announces Fast-Track Capability to Transition MobileEyes System Inspector Software Users to BirdDog Inspection Software

MobileEyes System Inspector Software Being Discontinued as of June 2022; Asurio’s BirdDog Life Safety Software is the Best MobileEyes System Inspector alternative

BOULDER, Colo., Feb. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Asurio, Inc. (, developers of the BirdDog Life Safety Inspection & Data Collection System, today announced it has developed a fast-track process to help users of MobileEyes System Inspector software quickly & easily transition to BirdDog Life Safety Inspection & Data Collection Software. Asurio has developed this offering in response to the announcement that MobileEyes Corp. is discontinuing its MobileEyes System Inspector software as of June 2022. This fast-track software migration capability makes the BirdDog Life Safety Inspection Software the best MobileEyes System Inspector alternative.

The BirdDog Inspection System is powerful, configurable, life safety inspection software that’s designed for industries & organizations that need to conduct inspections for fire life safety, government requirements & more. Configurable for national, regional & local fire safety inspection standards, the BirdDog Inspection System automates & streamlines the facility inspection process, and also manages, shares & reports on inspection data & inspection results.

Given that MobileEyesSystem Inspector software is being discontinued as of June 1, 2022, fire life safety contractors using MobileEyes System Inspector will need to transition to new software prior to June 1, 2022. To facilitate this, Asurio, Inc. has developed a fast-track process for life safety contractors to migrate from MobileEyes System Inspector to BirdDog Inspection Software.

For life safety contractors looking for the best MobileEyes System Inspector alternative, Asurio is offering the following migration support:
  1)  Fast-tracked Inspection Data Migration: The Asurio team has developed a process for quickly and efficiently migrating a fire contractor’s specific inspection data from MobileEyes System Inspector to the BirdDog Inspection System.
  2) Multiple Training Options: New users can get up to speed on using the BirdDog Inspection System in 3 ways: 1) In-person or virtual training with a BirdDog trainer; 2) Helpful “how-to” videos; and 3) Asurio’s tech support department.
  3) Support from Asurio’s In-house Forms Team: Asurio is unique in that it has a dedicated inspection forms team to provide BirdDog users with the inspection forms they need;
  4) Asurio Customer Success Program: Asurio offers an innovative Customer Success Program that involves Asurio representatives reaching out to customers to help them maximize their use of the BirdDog Inspection System, not just at the beginning, but over time…and more.

“For fire safety contractors who have to migrate off of MobileEyes System Inspector by June 1, 2022, time is of the essence,” said Asurio General Manager Jack Coffelt. “Given that the Asurio team has developed a fast-track process to help fire safety contractors efficiently migrate from MobileEyes System Inspector, the BirdDog Life Safety Inspection System truly is the best MobileEyes System Inspector alternative.”

About Asurio, Inc. & BirdDog Life Safety Inspection Software
Asurio, Inc. is a USA-based software company that offers the BirdDog Life Safety Inspection & Data Collection System. BirdDog is one of the more powerful & versatile inspection & data collection systems on the market today. Asurio has a special expertise in fire-life safety inspections for commercial buildings, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and more. However, the BirdDog system can be configured to inspect and/or collect data for virtually any industry. In addition, Asurio, Inc. is a Microsoft partner, and hosts its cloud-based BirdDog inspection software on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing solution, resulting in world-class 24/7 reliability and security. Asurio, Inc. can be reached at:, or 877.444.1488.

Media Contact: Courtney DeWinter, DeWinter Marketing & PR – Denver

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